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Going with the NWO purple for the wikispooks sub?

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Color shoud not matter! :)

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All colours matter!

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Symbolism has been baked into certain colors.

Purple is a glorious color.

I bought a purple pair of Guess jeans when I was in highschool.

It seemed like a great idea in the store, but it was actually a terrible idea.

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Where I live purple is the color of eros. Why were the jeans a mistake? They attracted the wrong people? You don't need to answer that. :)

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I hadn't considered NWO's purple, thought that makes sense, being neither left nor right, not to mention the royal colour. There are no colours or numbers or geometry or mascots or icons that don't have some loaded esoteric associations.

Actually, magnora7 and d3rr were going to help me solve a few problems with my CSS but at that time they were federating SaidIt. Then other stuff happened. I asked a few times more but haven't been persistent with it.

As far as the colours go, more vibrant = easier to see changes when coding. This bright purple was never the end goal. I was going to mute all these tones to more closely match the WikiSpooks logo in the top of the sidebox.

This 2 colour duo-tone theme (currently dark purple to light purple) can then be easily applied to any sub. When this CSS is finished I will apply it to the /s/GreenParty in greens and to /s/PinUps in flesh tones - and likely other subs too.

Also, eventually, I'll make a "Ergonomix-Muted" CSS that is the other CSS I use on most of my subs, except I'll tone down all the bright colours. Most folks here aren't blind after all.

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Purple is a royal color. The other is gold.

Also red + blue = purple.

I wonder if they planned this decades ago.

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Damn dude, making me rethink my space-marine paint job... and my alma mater

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War Hammer is awesome.

NOLA also awesome.

Never been to Baton Rouge.

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All primary colours. It's not rocket surgery. It's just obvious.

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I know you dislike Defango, Jason - so this should be interesting: D is "all against" Webb and this interpretation of the Millie Weaver arrest.

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It's true I don't like Defango or George Webb, but even limited hangouts have their uses, and may even be redeemable. For example, the documentary is actually quite good, all things considered. Thanks for the video, I'll put it at the top of my que.

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I agree, it's why I still subbed to the likes of Defango or listen to AJ - listening to enemy comms, more or less lol.

I think the docu is very good - Bergy seems legit, a friend of mine is going to interview him soon - but everyone seems to be trying to connect themselves to it for the clicks - or to control the release of the story.

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Trying to get up to speed on this and I'm wondering why Tore was not also arrested. I guess most of you have seen the stories saying she's not a doctor, didn't graduate from Harvard and was involved in defrauding a charity. I wonder if that is just flak to discredit the film. Was Tore trying to lead Millie astray?

As for George Webb, isn't he a disinfo agent for an intel agency that was not mentioned in Millie's doc. Webb & Goodman are avowed Zionists so what is Webb's angle here? It is almost certain (speculation and intuition, that at this point I think is valid: source free) that the Israelis also have acess to Shadow Net, or whatever it will be called. Is this yet another distraction? We will see.

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I too am curious about Webb's angle on this.

The "standard" zio-con shill/useful dupe angle will be: "this is all 100% true and she is being suppressed" - while the "standard" "democrat" reply will be... silence? So yeah, you're right, it's odd to see Webb not delivering either of the predicted replies.

From my own research with my friends, the docu appears to be another case of: it's not what they talk about, but what they DON'T. It has tons of good stuff in it and lots of things to check out. As you pointed out though, certain organizations are not mentioned - more than one of them are at the center of some pretty serious matters. There's plenty of photos of her in research threads in the chans and what not, suffice to say, she appears to be an "entertainer" by "trade".

I know it's impossible to talk about EVERY connection and every organization in any one docu - and that's a fair point, but it's also a useful deflection/dismissal. Jones and his crew dodging the CNP question (which is important to me) - and the zio-question (which is important to a lot of other researchers) are too big to ignore. The docu fits the same mould - the only person who seems legit (to me) is Bergy and he's getting robbed/played.

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I listened to Webb all the way through. He starts out talking about the Millie doc but then goes on to talk about Bergy as if they are old friends. Then he suddenly shifted to talk about Stevie Steve, the CIA hitman. What? How is that related? Do CIA hitmen have nicknames and go around talking about how many people they have killed? I doubt it since doing that would reduce their life expectancy drastically. And what does Stevie have to do with Millie? Webb went on for thirty-five minutes and I learned nothing. This is part of the reason I say he is a disinfo agent.

More speculation: Some months ago there was talk that G'laine Maxwell had at least one software company with products used by major players and had backdoors builtin. Maybe Deep State or more likely that other agency is concerned about what G'laine might say before she is killed, if she is really the person being held. (Or the software company might be a fiction.) She had connections with that other agency through her father and through Epstein and that much seems to be unquestionable. She knows a lot. So what is the connection? Maybe the Millie doc is a diversion, a limited hangout, since most/all of the information was already known by major actors and almost certainly that agency.

Millie works for A. Jones, AJ works for whom? That same intel agency even we are not mentioning?

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I'm not certain AJ is directly related to mossad though, but I can tell you 100% he is connected to the CNP from top to bottom (which itself has massive zio-con connections) - so it's not a stretch, but I haven't found solid, repeatable evidence, as is the case with the CNP.

I agree Webb is in someway an agent, so I'm just wondering what he's doing with his video, going to have to wait and see I guess. I'm 100% certain he talked to Bergy, because other people I know asked Bergy if Webb had contacted him and Bergy confirmed it. Then Webb was shooting off names and now they're pissed at him. Bergy is not conspiracy literate, at ALL. He doesn't know any of the players, any of the shows, any of the popular theories, he stumbled upon this particular conspiracy and is now in the deepwaters.

Webb basically wormed his way into the Bergy rescue crew, despite all warning.

As for maxwell, it's been really quiet on that front recently, hasn't it. Too quiet...

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I agree about Webb. However, IIRC there were a few common sense soundbites that I can use in the article to say what I would have said anyway. I just would have preferred they come from a better source actually worthy of promotion.

See also: /s/Justice_v_Injustice/comments/66ir/millie_weaver_arrest_explained_viva_barnes/

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I also listened to Webb, though partly half-assed after I realized I'd be coming back again to mine it for accurate quotes that stand out, both good and bad, to reflect the diversity of perspectives out there. Did Defango say anything noteworthy?

Your other sources sound more interesting regarding the omissions.

See also: /s/Justice_v_Injustice/comments/66ir/millie_weaver_arrest_explained_viva_barnes/

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I actually really liked the glossy documentary and generally found little to criticize in it. Even learned a few more specific details about some stuff, assuming it's true.

I wouldn't have bothered writing an article except I started with the Eric Ciaramella thing.

I didn't expect to find all the issues with "Tore".

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start researching and revision 2 with updates and fallout from today. Including the George Webb and Defango opinions, assuming there's anything worth mentioning.

I don't trust Webb at all. I didn't know Goodman was a Zionist too, and I already treated his info with caution, though much is good-ish.

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I do not know if the charges against Tore are true, just that they were made. Who does she work for? I agree with you on Webb and in my opinion Goodman too. Birds of a feather and all that.

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I'll digest these this aft eve.