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I'm still into getting some kind of WS bot together for saidit, if people think it's worthwhile. For all of the WS posts in this sub, and in comments, a bot could comment with an article summary from WS, just like a Wikipedia bot. That's my only concrete idea.

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That sound's very worthwhile, though I don't know what you mean exactly. I don't know what Wikipedia bots are or do.

To aggregate the SaidIt content in this sub (and/or others?) into a file (document/database/newsletter) to archive (cumulatively?) on WikiSpooks?

Or have SaidIt posts sync with WikiSpooks articles with the comment section and talk pages mirroring content?

Or I'm suspecting something else. Humans would have to write up summaries, unless you mean something else generating the "article summary".


I have another 2 ideas, IMO, very worth while:

I'd like to set up a server, here, at home. Ideally a plug and play thing, that everyone and anyone could also do. (ie. 1 Raspberry Pi loaded with an OS and software + 1 or more hard drives (ie. FreeNAS)) It could be run in series on a LAN and it would run 5 scripts:

1) Download and torrent the WikiSpooks backups.

2) From the moment of internet connection, keep up with SaidIt.

3) From the moment of internet connection, go back with SaidIt.

4) Check for inconsistencies and changes and/or fill in the gaps and/or redirect 2 or 3 as necessary.

What are they doing on SaidIt? Backing up/copying/mirroring all the content as well as all the links and media.

5) Share all that data via IPFS, torrents, shards, etc. with other SaidIt servers. (This may become outlawed in some ways by some countries eventually. This should also include an open source but very secure executive burn thing where you or M7 control deletion of some critical content (porn or child porn) with a very limited discburn thing. Centralized very limited censorship for not-tollerated images and/or video. If it gets to words becoming illegal then we're in trouble.)

Maybe it could be extended beyond just the 2 sites for a whole new paradigm.

That's the "Spider-Scraper Home-Server" idea of a decentralized archive network for the SaidIt community, and I'd bet there's better, different ways to accomplish the same ends with a better name for this "Decentralized Site Archive Network". This DSAN could be linked to the next idea: "Recommendation Button".

Just as the "Report" button has a few options, you could have a new "Recommendation" button. (Also, if you master that you could throw all the lesser-used flat-line things under another "Options" button to minimize the interface in browsers and on phones.)

"Recommendations" in the button may include:

1) Archive Post - add to SSHT/DSAN que, a list of top priorities with a chance of censorship or whatever.

2) Ping /s/WikiSpooks_Recs (with comment) - comments in auto-monthly/weekly/daily posts recommending that WikiSpooks editors take note to to add/include/reference content. Users could discuss/comment on these and indicate progress.

3) Ping /s/SaidItWeekly_Recs (with comment) - recommending the same, but for those aggregating a weekly summary to publish. Users could draft up summaries, discuss, and comment on these.

4) Ping /s/SaidItWeekly_Noms (with comment) - nominating exceptional content to be featured, a step above just a recommendation. Add as many steps as you like for a future ranking process, with lists openly accessable. This kind of stuff could make SaidIt far more valued as well as more interactive.

5) Log SaidIt Metatags (with comment) - every meta tag can be logged into a sub (as above or perhaps a database, file, or wiki is better. SaidIt wikis are problematic if 2 or more are editing the same wiki page at the same time.) With this log of metatags, a simpler differently-effective search engine might become of value. An auto-script could also be triggered to tag all posts within select topical subs (different than community subs), perhaps with better renaming of the metatag (instead of vague or weird sub titles).

6) Optional other ways to recommend or classify posts and comments with a potential to be useful in a list, file, database, etc.


I'm also desperate for two browser addons, including one that would be better fixed in SaidIt. After a week or two, if people still don't like it, revert it. YouTube-DLG is able to rename your file, sourcing the information from the YouTube page, just as SaidIt can get the title. I'd like it to add the running time length, credit the source channel, and if it's over a month old add the date (I try to do these in most of my media posts). I'll be taking a few months off soon for my story. When I return I'll waste time figuring out how to make an addon or bot or whatever, but I'd be happier if someone else did it, and happiest and eternally grateful if it were incorporated into Saidit.

The browser addon would be a "SaidIt With One-Click" button to copy the current page address, open a new tab on a SaidIt submit link page with the address pasted with fetched title ready for the user to enter the target sub to post in, perhaps after adding something to the link title or for the user to shift mode to submit text where the address might also be pasted waiting for further user embellishments.


I know these are big. Maybe add them to your "one day maybe" list.

My neighbour smoked me up, so ask if I need to clarify some stuff.

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Or have SaidIt posts sync with WikiSpooks articles with the comment section and talk pages mirroring content?

Yes, basically this.

Here's an example from reddit: So if you click 'permalink' then 'parent' on any of these, you see it is detecting wiki links and commenting with the article summaries (or the first x characters of the article, whatever). This appears to be used for comments only, but it could also work on link posts that link to WP or WS.

I like your decentralized site archive idea. SaidIt could certainly add some buttons on page to hype this and make it easy to use. The first button could be but other buttons could interact with other tools. I've been meaning to dig into this system to see if it's a good fit:

I'd like it to add the running time length, credit the source channel, and if it's over a month old add the date (I try to do these in most of my media posts)

This sounds good too, another commenting bot similar to the above would be a good fit to handle this.

The browser addon would be a "SaidIt With One-Click" button to copy the current page address, open a new tab on a SaidIt submit link page with the address pasted with fetched title ready for the user to enter the target sub to post in, perhaps after adding something to the link title or for the user to shift mode to submit text where the address might also be pasted waiting for further user embellishments.

I shan't assist with making it easier to double post and repost!

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" I shan't assist with making it easier to double post and repost! "


If you mean that for me then you're out of luck. I feel I've "wasted" tooooo much time copying over the time and author. (It's not a waste if people appreciate the extra info.) Once the title and the link/text are in, all I have to do is select the sub to submit to. After that, I click the "go back one page" and the title and link/text are restored and still filled in leaving me to change the submit fields or just mirror to another sub.

I'd like the "SaidIt With One-Click" but am fine with doing URL copypasta once. Several times is painfully tedious. So far I think I've been 100% accurate usually typing in the time code by hand and copypasta the creator. Except one time, I noticed a really messed up time, after it had been already well viewed, so I wasn't going to delete the conversations or repost. No one said anything about it. Every other error that I've noticed corrected. I have no idea how many errors I don't know about.

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/u/magnora7, /u/d3rr, I was blocked again by SaidIt's security right after posting this. It will likely last either 8 or 24+ hours. That's on the fast fiber line used by the 4 apartments of my house. I still have my DSL line as backup until I get off my ass and sign up for some VOIP and quit the DSL. This is blocking is an ongoing problem, at least once a week. I can't be the only one who gets this. Fortunately I had the backup line to fix my typos and write this.

Also, now I see that this CSS has problems with tree style tabs narrowing my 1080 wide portrait screen in WaterFox. Weird.

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So you were getting a CloudFlare error page? If you message me your fiber line ip I can check to see if it's blocked.

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    Noted. Yes this is no good, stopping real users.

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    Yeah we can turn it down. I will adjust it to require more 429s before a user is blocked now that we're not under attack nearly as often.

    I'd guess people opening too many tabs quickly at once is the main 429 trigger.

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    I have a over 12 hundred vertical tabs but all but a dozen or two are usually "unloaded" or will auto-unload after 15 minutes. So far I don't think me opening too many tabs too quickly triggers it.

    But I have another theory that I haven't yet verified. I know that if I've used up too much memory (ie. opening many YouTube videos in tabs without first unloading some or with enough time for them to auto-unload - along side my other programs) my computer will sputter and choke for a few minutes until its digestion settles down. I suspect this turmoil might trip the security, yet I won't even know about it until I interact with SaidIt again - so I might be or reading or writing posts, comments, or articles, or in another room listening to media, or offloading tabs - all off of the SaidIt site for a while, before coming back to discover the blockage. It's a theory - as every time it happens I'm surprised and can't recall anything notable I was just doing.

    cc /u/d3rr

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    My fiber: IPv4: IPv6: Not detected

    My DSL: IPv4: IPv6: Not detected

    I don't know if either change.

    Thank you.

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    Yes, your fiber ip got picked up by our automated DDOS protection stuff. You got too many 429 errors. I will try to find what caused your 429s.

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    I've been trying different browsers to no avail. Sometimes rebooting my DSL router helped. I get little shocks from my gear sometimes, usually the router is shocking. I don't think I'm well grounded. However, now I'm primarily on the fiber, so I'm guessing it's my box somehow. Perhaps while running torrents and/or YouTube-DLG and/or too many tabs?

    Thanks again.

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    I saw that you were getting 429 errors from the search page, and from the submit a post page. I loosed our conditions for giving a 429 error so hopefully this will stop happening. However I can't reverse your existing ban, so we'll have to test these changes in 24h. (cc u/magnora7 user DiogenesJr was also reporting 429 issues)

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    Thanks, I changed the 429 filter and ran it and updated the list, so the people having problems should be good now

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    I found these requests that I can't explain. It's like you were using a search tool with autocomplete, after every letter you type, it kicks off a search. These 2 requests are 1s apart. Hmmm. I think you should be good with the other adjustments we made today though.""-"[13/Dec/2020:02:09:14 +0000]"GET /subs/search.json?q=colla HTTP/1.1"429"0""Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0"0.000"""-"[13/Dec/2020:02:09:15 +0000]"GET /subs/search.json?q=collaps HTTP/1.1"429"0""Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0"0.000"

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    It might be possible their browser has a "look ahead" feature that excessively pre-fetches data for fast load times. And every letter they type creates a new page they might visit, that is pre-fetched to be cached. They're also using a version of firefox that is 10 versions old though... maybe it's a bug/feature of that version of firefox, or a plugin

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    Nice man! I didn't catch that ancient version of FF at all. Browsers do pre-fetch sometimes, I like this theory.

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    Funny. That's the only thing that stood out for me. I'm currently on the latest WaterFox. I've also found this security problem in Pale Moon and Brave. Falkon crashes when a mouse in the next town farts. I use the crude Basilisk rarely. I don't think I've visited SaidIt since leaving Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

    cc /u/magnora7

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    Sometimes rebooting my DSL router helped

    This probably gives you a new ip address... sometimes

    I get little shocks from my gear sometimes, usually the router is shocking

    ??? Shit dude. Do I need to send you a grounding wire? You're gonna fry the equipment at the very least.

    Yeah I suspect too many tabs, trying to find the evidence.

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    The shocks are primarily in the dry winter. I get shocks from petting my 2 cats, as well as my last cat. I live by a river but the air is still so dry my humidifier can't keep up. Opposite problem in summer.

    I'm pretty sure this house is over 100 years old. The wiring looks new, assuming what's in the walls is the same - and grounded. Only last month, overhauling my work space, I found that my last semi-lame UPS indicated something wrong with the grounding. I think.

    I'd love to eventually set up some nice server gear, assuming I ever achieve "success" enough to afford it, but before I even consider that seriously I'd want to secure my power with proper UPS and grounding through another independent power line that won't be affected by the many fuses of the 4 apartments in this house. This year with the COVID nonsense, the reality of my age, as well as the reality of my stalled career, I've faced the facts and likelihood that I'll prolly live here until I die. All my life I've move around, a few years max in one place, often moving a few times in a year - until here, for the last 9 years, in a dark place. Only this fall in the overhaul did I feel like I was actually moving in to "my home".

    I'm not sure it's the tabs. See my other comment.

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    You should upgrade your FF. 68.0 Is over a year old, and there were probably fixes that went out in 68.1 that you don't have.

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    Both Waterfoxes are working fine for me, on linux at least. Let's wait and see I guess. It could be your insane amount of tabs that glitch and load once in a while issue.

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    My Win 7 box is under 9 years old by a year, maybe a few. Has problems from when the power goes. It usually takes me a week on average to refine every time.

    When I return with my story and seeking support, among the top things on my list is to get a new Mint PC and a Raspberry Pi to twerk on before I delve into self-hosting a Bittersweet Seeds site and/or general archive as well as to learn to be proficient in the latest Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, and other FLOSS production and management tools. I'd also like get familiar enough to order or build a farmbot. Beyond that and an electric bike or small e-car, I don't have need for much that's significant of this world. So many dreams, only a decade or few to go - if not taken out first.

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    My experience with the Spooks is their 9-11 caper, which is great. But I've got some issues with Spooks' aims, namely "avoiding enemy images and polarising perspectives, respecting our common humanity and looking forward to a deep seated truth and reconciliation." I'm deep on polarizing perspectives, and instead of 'deep seated truth and reconciliation', I'm looking for deep seasoned hate and segregation. That includes folks that reject my perspectives.