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Robin if your server's ip has been compromised like I think it has, you need a new ip too. Otherwise the DDOSers can skip right around CloudFlare.

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Can you recommend an alternative solution though? So many people get stuck on the CloudFlare tit, because it is "free". It's an excellent fit to help with /u/robin with this DDOS issue. Not to call you wrong, you are right.

Edit: I found this in your links, not too promising looking:

The 8chan guy had to build his own DDOS thing for the 8kun launch, maybe we can research that.

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How much is a good service? With the revitalization of SaidIt it might be worth it.

I'm guessing it would it be difficult to build a kind of proxy-traffic-station (for lack of a better term).

If we paid for a good proxy service (not free or Cloudflare) could we share that service with more than one domain (,, RabbitHole.WF,, Projex.Wiki, TruthSeeker.Party, Volun.Tube, etc.)? This traffic station would be the pre-proxy + post-proxy for the single proxy to keep defensive costs lower. More proxies could be employed if necessary, again needing more traffic management.

This may be a cheap sloppy hack or probably already exists somehow for high traffic sites. I don't know these things.

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The DDOS services are designed for the big guys, so I believe they start at like $1000/mo. But there are a few web hosts who offer DDOS services or free, or a small upcharge. I think that is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid CloudFlare. So rather than the host saying fuck it, we turned off your site, they will start blocking DDOSers' ips instead.

If we paid for a good proxy service (not free or Cloudflare) could we share that service with more than one domain (,, RabbitHole.WF,, Projex.Wiki, TruthSeeker.Party, Volun.Tube, etc.)?

I doubt it, I think you'd have to build your own. I think these services will charge per domain name. Hopefully someone that knows more than me will come across this post.

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I can't, unfortunately. I know Epik has a service called BitMitigate but I can't speak to their privacy or pricing.

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Their stock, NET, has beeing doing awesome. For that reason I hope the masses do not steer clear.

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Holy shit, it has exploded since October. I wonder what is up with that.

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They were featured on Fool Fest, Motley Fool's financial webinar, a few months back @ $126ish. MF has been pumping them and their sales are terrific.

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Oh hey, just in case, not sure anyone should be buying that now. Yahoo Financial thinks its overvalued and I agree. Made an image to show what I mean. I know fuckall about TA, besides it's usually wrong, but I see this a lot in the crypto markets. The purple represents its natural growth and the green is hype shit and FOMOs, and at some point the green is going to correct, dip, and that'd be a good time to start DCA'ing in. My opinion anyways.

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Hang on, I'll get my AR-15. Wait... Is this even a problem that could be solved with guns?

Hahahahahaaa, just kidding. I'm an American after all.