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It's been reported that agents provocateurs have been seeded among the protesters to make protestors look like unhinged gun nuts. I certainly hope that it doesn't happen but a "shooting" might be planned to reinforce the mmistaken idea that gun rights people are crazed.

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Standard procedure. They've been doing this for centuries.

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I've been thinking exactly this, was going to comment it under another video. Peaceful protests are a meme, you'll always have infiltrators and co-opters and (glad that you ask, purely hypothetically of course) if you cannot beat these provocateurs to death in front of the crowd you're desperately trying to hold together then you will accomplish exactly nothing. I learned this in Egypt, the protestors on the square were absolutely riddled with agents who they beat the shit out of then let go for the police to come back and exact revenge with kidnappings and brutal torture.

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I was just theorizing, certainly not suggesting that anyone commit violence. Yes, they will always infiltrate any group that even has potential for violence. Anyway, I would be a fool to discuss violence on the Internet. I may be dumb but I'm not stupid. :)

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There is a shit load of anti protester propaganda in all the usual places (Reddit, MSM, Google). It's getting hard to believe they are all just in honest disagreement about how this should be handled.

Any reasonable person would agree that towns that are not hit hard should not be under the same restrictions as those that are. And that the goal should not be an attempt at totally stopping the virus. What we want is to have just a bit fewer critical cases than what we can handle, that way we get it over as quickly as possible with as few deaths as possible.

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nope, nobody give a shit. Big payment for getting arrested so it's worth doing. Just don't talk like other do. Last dude walked away with 120k f your dollars.

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Well good.

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fake news.

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Hurr durr, but the government has tanks and bombers so your guns can't protect you anyway.

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Tanks and bombers run on gas. Soldiers have to eat. No government can suppress a population determined to resist for any length of time. But guns make it a whole lot harder for them.

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Every revolution ever was won with small arms. But just the status of being unarmed pacifies people. Having a gun gives people courage. You just need the wisdom to go along with it.