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The Muslim laws justify murdering anyone who converts to Christianity and this is well known in countries which have suffered from Muslim occupation in the past. It's a fact that the West pretends to ignore.

Muslims also go after Christian women, so that they will be obliged to convert to Islam, but they don't take it mildly when their women decide to marry a Christian man. Here is a recent incident.

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This is a big problem for those who say Islam is just like any other religion and doesn't call for violence, it's all down to the interpretation.

No, it clearly says any apostates should be hunted down and killed.

This is indeed how both the Saudis and ISIS operated. They simply declared that any Muslims who weren't following their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam were apostates and could then kill them all without it falling on their conscious. That's a big reason why the Islamic world is so rife with sectarianism and bloodshed, and it's completely down to Islam and what is written in the Koran.

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Its mostly wahabs and salafis fault imo, the rest seem to be more or less normal. See Indonesia or other non arab country for example

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But people from Indonesia still joined ISIS.

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Lol, thats weird

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what's weirder than rejecting the temptation of 72 virgins in heaven

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This is a racist post. Islam is a religion of peace. /s

Fucking savages.

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eyes shinning like a torch

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To be honest the biggest sinner in islam is their syeikh and scholar imagine the worst pharises, never engage in meaningful discussion about satanic verses - contradiction - no guarantee of going to heaven - pedophile prophet - music is actually haram - and the newest issue about quran is not being preserved never come into light (but internet say no : They know the fact but keep silent for their own small 30 silver benefit.

There're many good muslim who thirst for the truth especially in the land reeks of war, once muslim cried and left islam because he thought that Allah means god and it's spiritual. But then it revealed that Al lah is just a name (Ilah is arabs for god), and it has physical properties (not even spiritual).

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Really? So what? This has nothing to do with religion. Imagine risking your life to "convert" from one fiction to another. This is about power. Would this dude's life really have been better if he worshipped some arbitrary system of christianity rather than some arbitrary system of Islam. He was killed because he wanted to be an outsider in a community that doesnt want outsiders.

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Christians don't do this. The Christian faith has the sanctity of human life.

Sure, in the past Christianity had more political clout and was used as an alternate arm of the political apparatus. But not for a good long while now.

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I should note that, having grown up in a christian family (albeit, one that barely understands their own religion) I have been able to see how the Holocaust has been used to sway the opinions of many christians. Many of them say that they support Israel just because of the Holocaust and because of them being "the chosen people". I literally show them proof of Jewish collusion with foreign leaders of terror and subjugation, and they shrug and say "god chose them to rule for a reason". IT IS BOGGLING.

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Brainwashing at work. It is, I would say, SCARY, when beliefs are stronger than EVIDENCE and FACTS. What I usually show people who still believe in the hollow cost is these:

And once they are done finding "explanations" for these, I have half a dozen more... Sometimes, just SOMETIMES, they go... Whoa, I really believed in their bullshit... THANK YOU!!!

And these few times are worth all the other times when I get either no reply, or "YOU NAZI FUCK!!!"...

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I know what you mean by that last bit. If I can reach only a few people, then I reached people who may not have been reached for many many years. Truth may fall flat like a fish out of water, but it is the true sustenance of the spirit. Some people will surely recognize it as such and become full on the harvest you have prepared for them. Edit: I will return and watch those videos. At the moment, I have animals I need to care after.

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This has nothing to do with religion.


Islam commands its believers to slay apostates.

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Nope, killing apostates is commanded in the Koran. Many Islamic counties have the death penalty for apostasy for that reason alone. Name one other religion with this commandment.

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All for the snackbar of allah.

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Well that but also if you don't join in you yourself could be called kafir and killed.

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It is better to stand by righteousness and die, than to do evil and live. This is a hard pill to swallow, but if more people were to take it, then this world would truly be a better place.

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This has nothing to do with religion?

WUTTTTT, your ignorance is savage

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Explain it to me then, professor.