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When he took the drugs, he was competent, so the undrugged man made a choice that led to him killing her. Just because that choice was to take drugs should not excuse his behaviour.

This one aspect of western 'law' pisses me off the most. Take drugs, get drunk, and hurt people? Then suffer the consequences, because you chose to take the drugs

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Exactly, he chose to take drugs. That's the same reasoning behind convicting people who killed when drunk driving. One chooses to drink. The french justice system is completely fucked up. His perception was not "altered" when he chose to smoke that pot that led to that episode. Unfortunately in France apparently judges don't believe in "personal responsibility". That crime was horrendous and no justice was served.

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I don't know what the law is like elsewhere but in the UK being drunk or taking drugs is considered an aggravating factor not a mitigating one.

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An actual Nazi, so of course Europe will let him go.

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    Sup with it dcjogger. How have you been bro?

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    these stories are designed to trigger citizens and take attention away from the big stories

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    yup this story is according to the jerusalem post which is all fake news

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    If he were white being high at the time would only increase his sentence.

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    No muslim will ever be charged or convicted or jailed for killing a non Muslim.

    ~tablighi jamaat

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    this is the truth. NZ just said that they wouldn't detain a returning terrorist, either. Dhimmi states...

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    i personally converted to islam and spent several years in prayer with wahabi sect primarily.. they are a very serious and extremely wealthy group of muslims.. wahabis literally hate you, i should know..

    when islam controls all of your economy, they will starve you into submission..

    you might live to see the day when you will work ten hours for a plate of food and a place to sleep, treatment that was very similar to how whites treated the negro slave.


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    la ilaha ila allah

    know your enemy

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    i am not in any way suggesting or implying that islam is anyone's enemy, oh my no..

    i am suggesting that islam is the new form of worldwide government that is forming before your eyes, and you cant see it because you are blinded.

    islam's system of government and system of justice will be different than that which you are accustomed to.

    all laws are taken directly from the quran, which is said to never change.

    islam will form an elite body of rulers of the infidels, and you will mind or you will lose your freedom or perhaps your head.

    when islam controls an area, a nonmuslim will be given three options:

    1) willingly convert and go to your prayers.

    2) pay a tax to islam and walk softly and quietly.

    3) well, you might not like your third option.

    option three is that you will be executed.

    btw, even tho islam has seemed to form slight alliances with the lgbt, rest assured that islam is entirely intolerant of homosexuality, it is literally a capital offense to engage in the lgbt lifestyle.

    la ilaha ila allah

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    you cant see it because you are blinded.

    That's a bit of an assumption.

    la ilaha ila allah

    knowing the shahadat, or at least writing the first half of it implies that I may have insight on what is required for survival in a muslim world.

    rest assured that islam is entirely intolerant of homosexuality

    it does support transsexualism, though. so /u/theameliamay will be okay if he lops his dick off.

    islam will form an elite body of rulers of the infidels, and you will mind or you will lose your freedom or perhaps your head.

    My impression is that islam is merely the middle management layer, used to control the serfs in each holiday locataion.

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    i one time smoked greenbud and went to the masjid for prayer, wow, it was a really deep experience.. and then another time i accidentally smoked what i thought was weed, but it was synthetic weed, and i went into the friday prayer and couldnt get up out of my chair.

    synthetic weed will fk you up, to the point that you cant move.

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    bending over in supplication to a demon will fuck you up even more. accept jesus as your saviour

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    that is a very christian-like response, i must say.. /s

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    I sampled them all. Islam was the worst. Went to visit the soul-trap in Agra, what a hideous creation, all written over with the name of the demon god allah.

    never met Jesus, but his story is the only one that offers redemption without slavery.

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    when i grow up and get big, i wanna own my own chain of death camps with genuine gas chambers and gas ovens, but electric ovens will work too.

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    go solar and wind powered and you may get some subsidies

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    hmmm.. a wind powered incinerator? or a wind powered gas chamber? hmmm. do you have any blueprints that i could take a look at?

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    Today's appeasement, tomorrow's hemorrhoid.

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    Life in western societies is about choices, the thing about muslims is they think it is all Allah's will. This mindset stops people engaging their brain this and allows the low intellects criminal to wash their hands off any responsibility. In their eyes nothing has a consequence. Society now thinks is racist to point this out , irrespective of the fact that islam is not a race it is a shitty choice for people who are not allowed to think anything different. Which will enable non whites to genocide whites.