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I repeat again and again:

Look it up. These therapies are an order of magnitude more dangerous than any vaccine has ever been permitted to be. I have friends and family I have guided to this data, and the answer is always one of two:

1) But the experts say...


2) Well we've never vaccinated this many people before

The first is pathetic. The people saying this are simply unwilling to explore sources outside of the official realm (which never names which "experts" they are talking about, btw. Fauci is enough for them...). There are many many many people precisely qualified to comment who are being hard-censored to prevent their concerns being heard. This is the purest totalitarian wave we have ever experienced in the west. People need to recognize this for what it is. Hearts and minds. One at a time.

The second ignores the fact that over the time period of the vaers data, the other vaccines have given even more doses than we have with Covid. While not all at once, as with Covid, the numbers are there to demonstrate that vaccines prior to 2020 have always maintained a better safety profile than do these gene therapies.

It really really sucks how powerful propaganda is and how many well-meaning people would rather fit within the reservation than actually pay attention to simple data points demonstrating conclusively that the danger is coming from precisely those "leaders" they believe are protecting them.

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Also, It gets autoban from most subreddit which makes me think it might be true.

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I got 2 vaccines as prescribed, I think I'm still alive but if you tin hat people say the covid shots kill then I'm dead while writing this.

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Clearly you’re coming from an extreme bias perspective. Lol

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Lol, extreme bias perspective. Go take your meds.

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You have taken the mRNA injection. bias will be displayed towards any information that could cause you to be uncomfortable.