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Interesting take, I can see the motivation of salvaging the dollar, but the botched Afghanistan withdrawal hasn't left the American public with much appetite for military intervention.

Additionally, as this article mentions, Crimean public wanted to part of Russia, the Ukrainians do not. The U.S. had enough trouble just occupying Afghanistan in this way. The resources needed to occupy Ukraine by force would enormous and continual.

To me it seems like a lot of posturing from Putin, who likely realizes Joe has nothing but empty sanctions up his sleeve, trying to create political pressure to get his way on some geopolitical issue

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They want to help the economy by drafting a big chunk of the population to send into the meat grinder.

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taps forehead

Can't complain about inflation, unemployment and corrupt politicians if they're too busy dying in another foreign war.

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send into the meat grinder.

The war monger American dream.

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However, it is possible that Biden’s “gaffe,” for which “top officials” needed to conduct damage control, wasn’t a gaffe at all, but instead part of a calculated effort to goad Russia into Ukraine.

I doubt it. If there's one thing Biden's been reliable about, it's about his unreliable speaking ability.

Never assume malice when it's easily explained by incompetence.

Maybe there's someone behind the scenes who might try to use Biden's gaffe to their advantage, but I don't believe for one second that Biden said anything purposeful.

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nah biden and trump and other presidents in the past say stupid shit to sow chaos on purpose.

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If there's one thing Biden's been reliable about, it's about his unreliable speaking ability.

And admitting to threats of withholding a billion dollars if he didn't get a prosecutor fired from the Ukrainian courts system.

At a friggin CFR press conference.

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If true you can bet your ass that Brandon's handlers are behind it and not Brandon.

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Biden's buddy Poroshenko is facing treason charges in Ukraine, US claiming Russian invasion seems more like a distraction in case Poroshenko decides to talk.

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great article.

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There is not going to be an invasion, it is going to be another proxy war. The US is sending in weapons and likely blackops special forces to prop up the puppet government. Russia is arming and supporting the rebels. Both sides will send in soldiers disguised as Ukrainians.

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It's probably those Russian hackers, again...

Remember those trouble makers.
Interfering. With stuff.