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It sounds more like they were fighting GPS jamming efforts of their US/EU proxy war counter parts (or possibly working around their own).

Yet, this is a propaganda war, so a gish gallop of yellow journalism insulting Russians and their military is a tactical weapon. It just wastes your time and insults your intelligence doing so.

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The story smells of bull shit. It’s Russia we are talking about. And they use US leftover Garmins, I doubt it.

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That doesn't strike me as a bad idea. Redesigning in system avionics would be a lot trickier and expensive than mounting an off the rack gps receiver. The Russians are a practical people.

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5 - 10 years ago, a couple of UK & EU jets had the same thing.. In Russia, if something works then they use it.. Ever wonder how they keep their military budget at around 50-60B per year.. They don't have Raytheon who pays their managers millions of USD per month who might just suggest to remake the same thing for 20x the price and slap BLM logo on it.

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Tell me more about how Russia is losing the war in Ukraine, I too believe all self-serving wartime propaganda by the US's most enthusiastic puppet.