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That's stupid. Pfizer would lie without hesitation. Why does Uruguay not have the ability to confiscate random samples and test them?

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I think there might be more to it. What would be the consequences for them if at a later date they were found to have lied to the court? Full liability maybe?

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Literally nothing. Uruguay is poor and corrupt and no one important from Pfizer will ever go there.

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>BRB have to refill my bathtub computer with fresh pencil shavings and mosfets

Seriously what the hell is with all these completely unhinged schizo conspiracy theory posts on every alternative aggregation site recently? Did a conspiracy site get shut down?

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Nothing new unless you had your head buried in the sand for the last months/years. Why don't you post some non-''schizo'' posts instead of whining.

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I think you are the one that is unhinged. Did you forget your meds? As for my post it is a legitimate news report.

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It’s a report about an unhinged schizo conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality and requires a person to be completely ignorant of how computers work and what one would expect to see when looking at a substance in a microscope. 100% of these “nanotech” claims in a variety of treatments are based solely on people seeing rectangular shapes under magnification and somehow jumping to the conclusion that no natural structures are rectangular and having multiple disconnected rectangular objects floating around equates to some type of nanotech computing device.