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The US should give Ukraine the permission as long as the targets are military. Don't worry about this escalating the conflict. War with Russia might be unavoidable because Russia wants to conquer Ukraine and the West won't allow this. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, France and Britain declared war on Germany but did nothing because they wanted peace. France and Britain should have attacked Germany from the west while much of Germany's forces were in Poland. Instead, they adopted a purely defensive strategy allowing Germany to take the initiative and conquer France. In the below video German paratroopers drop on the Netherlands as part of the invasion of France. Note that the paratroopers jump out headfirst. This was because of the design of the parachute. See

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Ah yes, another aficionado of history. Phony War indeed.

Not a fan of Johnson, but his statement about the Ukraine running their war as they see fit is on point. Personally, I <3 seeing the restructured USSR getting it's teeth kicked in. Corruption or no, decimating your self declared enemy everyone should be cheering on.