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I wonder if any of this guy's recommendations were included in the treaty.

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World leaders did find out that if they scare people enough then they will comply with about any stupidity at all. Some, like me, with agree to do NOTHING the liars of government and authority say. Therefore dissenters and resistors like me are target as a danger to authority that demands to be obeys or else. And my job is to get supplied and gunned up best I can for the day of check points and forced internment camps as was trotted out to modern countries like Aussie and Canada and was a plan also of USA. Real prison camps is an idea that governments salivate over. Total control and life/death authority. Here to USA our pesky guns are a challenge though. Just one reason the tyrant dimmo donkeys hate hate hate US citizens having ANY guns. Disarmed people FAR easier to control by the ones who do have the guns. A scenario of a very great many times going back into history around the world.

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I don't think you will get far with any weapon you can carry, unless you have a couple of remote controlled F-22s in your secret basement. So, you get blown to pieces from over the horizon and you are dead. Now, how are you going to defend yourself if you are dead?

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A very old axiom = live to fight standing on your feet or die on your knees". Which would you prefer? Remember rag tag men throughout modern back to ancient history with very little have held off modern armies for quite a while it is all determined on the size of the fight in the dog not the size of the dog in the fight. If you think that's all brag then I can only wish you good luck when our own government decides they've had quite enough of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they decide to go old world dictator.

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I was implying you already have lost.

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Next time arrest those who create it in a lab.