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Ignore Russia. If the West is frightened of Putin's nuclear threats, he will continue to make these threats whenever he wants something. China and North Korea will do likewise.

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You can't defend Israel, Ukraine, North Korea and Taiwan simultaneously.

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You mean South Korea. At any rate, Israel and South Korea don't need much help. Taiwan is not yet under attack. Ukraine needs the most help.

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Yes. I think that the U.S. actually holds South Korea back.

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The US definitely supports South Korea and has troops there, but South Korea has a strong military and will be able to fight off an invasion by North Korea although I'm sure the US will send in troops.

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Israel doesn't need much help?

Gee, won't US taxpayers be thrilled to save their money, billions being sent to Israel, yearly, but, apparently, ... unnecessarily?

And I thought that US people's money was necessary because private funds were not enough to finance the Israeli genocide and ethnic 'cleansing' of Palestine.


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I don't think Israel needs money, they're rich, but it's symbolic.

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To the extent that money can at all be considered real, then the money being taken from US taxpayers to be given to the Israelis is VERY real.

And so are the 'intelligence', diplomatic cover, aiding and abetting, etc., very real.

And they all seem to translate into genocide.

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Yeah it's real money I'm sure but it's like other mid east countries don't invade Israel cuz they're scared of USA. Well Iran has been acting kind of tough but besides that.

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Hamas cannot defeat Israel. The money is for Israel to defeat Hamas.

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Yeah just ignore them. What do we have to lose? Only a nuclear war that destroys Europe and the anglosphere. No biggie.

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Because there is no choice. If the West fears nuclear threats, Putin will use nuclear threats to get whatever he wants. So would China and North Korea. The West should reply to Putin with this:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune

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So give them what they want .... that sucks to say. But Putin wants Ukraine, give it to him. If he starts demanding anything of value let's fight. Or maybe dominos fall?

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No. It is easier to stop Putin in Ukraine because Ukrainians would be on our side. When Hitler invaded Poland, France and Britain declared war on Germany but did nothing. They should have attacked Germany from the west while much of Germany's military was in Poland. The result was that Germany invaded and conquered France in 1940.

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Bad take. Shouldn't have had Alliances then either. Decentralize always.

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This isnt personal fear. Its rational common sense caution given the stakes are literally the end of civilization and the death of billions, including the destruction of Europe and North America and the rendering of them uninhabitable.

What the US is doing in Ukraine is the equivalent of Russia launching missiles from Mexico and Cuba that directly target US military bases and infrastructure, and leave gaps in the US nuclear early warning system resulting in us having to guess whether this was done in order to launch a preemptive attack or just for shits and giggles.

This would be seen as a direct act of war and during the Cuban missile crises we nearly experienced an all out nuclear conflict over far less. This is seen as an existential threat by the Russians.

If the West fears nuclear threats, Putin will use nuclear threats to get whatever he wants.

WTF do you think Putin wants besides for us to leave Russia the fuck alone? He's been in a power for like 30 years and there wasnt a problem until a bunch of Jewish neocons decided back in 2014 it was time to rattle his cage over his support for Syria and Iran and his unwillingness to allow Jewish oligarchs to continue looting Russia like they did under Yeltson. They continually escalated things, and they are the ones who need to be stopped or they will just keep escalating their behavior. Just leave Russia alone and the problem solves itself.

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Like Hitler, Putin wants land. If he conquers Ukraine, he will become more powerful because he will have the resources of Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe. Also, countries such as North Korea and China will note that the West fears nuclear threats and threaten likewise. If there is a nuclear war, it is because it was unavoidable. When Hitler invaded Poland, France and Britain did nothing because they wanted to avoid war. The result was that Germany conquered France and Britain had to fight Germany alone except for some Commonwealth countries.

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    Yes, Putin will continue his aggression until he's stopped or unless the world wants to submit to him. From

    “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.

    This means that someone who is afraid of dying dies many times in their head before they die, but someone who is brave only dies once. The speaker thinks it’s strange that people are afraid of death because it is something that happens to everyone and is unavoidable.

    Consider that death, the actual passing from being alive to dead only happens once and is in an instant. The fear that it is going to happen, however, is something that scares us at our very foundations. The fear of death is the oldest fear of our species and perhaps the only single fear we’ve shared with every other member of our species. However, Caesar argues, that the best way to live is to just accept that death is inevitable and pay it no attention.

    But Germany had no right to invade Poland. Also, it was Germany which invaded France. France and Britain should have attacked Germany from the west while much of Germany's military was in Poland.

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    Its a regional conflict that has been escalated deliberately. It's a money laundering scheme. Wake up already.

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    That's like saying the dispute between Hitler and Poland over the Polish Corridor was a regional conflict that was deliberately escalated by France and Britain.

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    Saying that would basically be correct, in both cases.

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    Yeah the lesson is to not get into alliances. Let ukraine fight on their own.

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    If Russia conquers Ukraine, it will become more powerful and go after another country.

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    So domino theory ok. I'm fine with it just defend our borders let russia try to take over Europe. That'd be their end.

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    That Kiev is not already today called 'the Radioactive Crater Formerly Known As Kiev' shows how incredibly restrained the Russians have been ... so far.

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    If Russia used nuclear weapons against Ukraine, NATO would intervene. Also, it might lose support from its main ally, China.

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    Yes, that's certainly part of the calculus ... but it's also that the Russians and Ukrainians are pretty much the same people, which makes the conflict that much more tragic.

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    They have different languages and cultures.

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    Ukrainians and Russians are phenotypically the same people (they look the same) ... unlike e.g. the Britons and the Pakistanis or the African-Americans and the European-Americans.

    Culturally, they share a common history, both speak versions of East Slavonic and write with a Cyrillic script.

    Of course, the very same sociopaths trying to force the (patently false) pretence that there are no differences between the Europeans and the Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis, etc., flooding into Europe, will here try to emphasise and stress any differences between the closely related Ukrainians and Russians.

    In any case, most Ukrainians, certainly in the contested regions, actually speak Russian, many of them exclusively.

    That they're killing each other is a tragedy for both.

    This is being instigated by malevolent interests foreign to both Ukraine and Russia.

    And that propped-up literal clown, that plutocrat-promoted comedian, Zelensky, is a collaborating puppet of those foreign interests.

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    Ukrainians do not want to live under Putin. That is motivation enough to fight.