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If the attack on Kharkiv was just a diversion Russia would be advancing much quicker in the South. More likely Russia is attacking along a broad front hoping to gain ground before more Western weapons arrive including F-16s. Also, Ukraine has been given permission to strike targets in Russia. This could stop any Russian advance. Unlike the war in Vietnam, Ukrainians are fighting ferociously to defend their country. That is the reason that despite overwhelming numerical superiority, Russia has not conquered Ukraine.

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No. Russia has taken territory it was struggling to take for a year or more, as a result of the Kharkiv diversion. The Western weapons have been arriving for well over a month now, and even Zelensky says they've been well armed for over a month. Ukraine was always striking targets in Russia, this is nothing new. Ukrainians, like the South Vietnamese in Vietnam, are refusing to fight, because they know they will lose. The reason Russia hasn't taken more territory than it has in Ukraine, is that Ukraine is an enormous nation -- second largest in Europe, after Russia -- and they want to be able to absorb and colonize it systematically, as they're doing. Russia has already conquered Ukraine. You are dreaming, in technicolor.

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The Russian attack on Kharkiv has stalled because of the ferocious resistance of the Ukrainians and Western weapons now striking targets in Russia. Russia has been unable to achieve a breakthrough. If they did, they would be moving rapidly across Ukraine such as Russia's offensives in 1943 and 1944 against Germany.

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Nonsense. You're comparing apples and oranges. The weapons technologies today are radically different, and Russia isn't devoting nearly the overwhelming effort it did in WWII, where its very survival was threatened. Russia is calmly and systematically recolonizing Ukraine, which grew somewhat apart from it over a thirty year period. There was no attempt to conquer Kharkiv at this time, not with just 30,000 troops. It was just a diversion, to allow reconquest of the South and the East, which are now proceeding more rapidly.

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“The prospects of Russia achieving victory this year have greatly reduced as a result” of the resumption of weapons supplies and aid, said Ben Barry, senior fellow for land warfare at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. “Russia might have the largest number of soldiers, but a lot of their first rate armored vehicles have been destroyed” and it’ll take years to rebuild the army to its 2022 level, he said.

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You can't see the irony of the British trying to use Nazi arguments, my friend?