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So it seems logically consistent given the apparent evidence that there's likely no gas plants destroyed, probably no gas in those plants, and thus (probably) no gassing of the people... especially when you consider the western white hats handling victims without protection, theoretically exposing themselves to the sarin gas too. They would never do this IRL, or else they would be poisoned and that itself would be a news story.

None of this makes sense, except when viewed as an elaborate ploy for US+EU+Israel to get a larger presence within syria.

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It logically doesn't work....either lies are being told to achieve a goal, or those in charge are utterly stupid (which isn't totally out of the question, like the novel Catch-22). Either option is scary.

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agreed, none of makes sense logically, lol. its all fakenews from our corrupt governments.

the only chance of hearing the truth is over shortwave, im sure syria has a few shortwave transmitters, hopefully none got hit

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Whatever your suppose to believe... it's being suppressed that actual Syrians were dancing in the streets over the targets being destroyed. Rumor has it that they were Isis operations and perhaps we are separating ourselves from Israel and their Greater Israel project while navigating the sea of public opinion just right to make it not openly appear as such and to have plausible deniability on our side....