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I wouldn't say it's a foregone conclusion. They've been pushing for war with Syria and Iran for years. Having ISIS defeated does definitely change the equation.

I think their false flag was the Sarin gas and blaming it on Assad thing, and they've tried it 3 times. But this isn't working.

So perhaps you are correct that there will be one that will affect America, blamed in Iran or Syria (probably Iran, and somehow Syria by proxy would be my guess) that will then trigger another Iraq war situation, but in Syria or Iran.

Hopefully this time around enough of the population will be wise to the tricks, so there won't be enough public support for them to force the war they want.

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They could still do a hell of a lot of damage without formally declaring war through congress. Then as soon as any of our boys are killed, that will change the whole equation. Israel has been wanting this for years and was directly involved in getting Trump to pull out of the accord with Bebe's little show he put on a few days ago.

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Yeah, that's true, but there's obviously something stopping them or they would've done that already, right?