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    They don't have universal healthcare in china and the healthcare they have here is shockingly poor with the doctors getting kick backs for promoting homeopathic remedies over actual medicine. The subsidised education they have is again so poor parents would rather send their kids abroad and pay more. The housing is only affordable because the build quality is terrible, it's just concrete.

    Source: I live and work in China. Have dealt with all these issues. I am from the UK originally, so I'm used to a national health service, and I am telling you the health care here is terrible.

    You don't have a fucking clue what you are talking about you drivelling little marxist.

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    Chinese universities are so great all the Chinese elite send their children abroad for their education. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is! /s

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    The subsidised education they have is again so poor parents would rather send their kids abroad and pay more.

    The Chinese university system is genuinely meritocratic, whereas in America you can buy your way in, so many wealthy party members will opt for the latter rather than face the shame of sending their kids to a lower-tier Chinese school.

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    There is little to no point in this meritocracy when the quality of education is so poor. Furthermore the amount of private tuition you have to pay for in order to attain a place at these universities to begin with, and the allocation of resources for education being geared towards China's main cities, means that the poorest only get the chance at a sub standard education.

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      ‘Ew, this cake is all crusty and not sweet at all! It hurts my mouth!’

      ‘It is called bread, Your Majesty.’

      This is great. Where's it quoted from?

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        The fact you're being so smug after every single point you made was refuted only further cements my belief that you're an imbecile.

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          You are a shill.

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          The NHS, though a good health care system, is by no means a perfect standard. I received better, albeit expensive, health care in the US. I've also had to deal with the health care of many countries now, so yes I can give a fair assessment of the health care system in China and it is low quality, expensive and corrupt.

          I don't need to project anything. You literally said that China has universal health care, which is a down right lie.

          The lengths you are going to to salvage your ego when you've been called out for chatting bull shit are pretty disgusting.

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          There are plenty of Scots and Irish folks I know who are not pleased with their doctors right now, for obvious reasons.

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          The US is also deemed one of the best in the world.

          It's a pretty low bar.

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          I am from the UK originally, so I'm used to a national health service

          Who would have thought that NHS is a blessing in disguise.

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          Not to mention all the youth left outside the housing market because the party refuses to let the bubble go puff.

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          actual medicine

          Like chemotherapy? Haha, actual medicine is nothing but big business fool.

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          The reason it's big business is because they sell something that works you fucking retard.

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          Lol They're just gonna sell your organs when you say something against the govt.

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          Everyone who join the CCP must make oath:"I am willing to join the CCP, advocate it, obey it, protect it,loyal to it forever, I am willing to sacrifice myself for it at any time, I will never betray the Party." Do you think the CCP is just a political party like Democratic Party?It is more like a strict religion, it's about faith.

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          The neocons would be proud.

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          At the cost of freedom of speech. That is clearly no longer going to be tolerated.

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            There is absolutely zero evidence they have any intention of including the latter.

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            You are gonna get all this (essentially the right to a bare existence) in exchange for your freedom.

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              It will be a NEET paradise.

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              You should go get Chinese citizenship if you like it so much!

              Oh, that's right. You can't, because Communist China doesn't have any process for naturalization because they're national socialists. You'll always be nothing but a foreigner.

              Well, at least that'll keep you out of their concentration camps!

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                  Uh... both

                  it's called stagflation


                  Also, emojis are for faggots

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                    Stagflation occurs when the state runs out of money, so they just print more. Printing more doesn't actually increase the productive value of the economy, so all it does is reduce the value of everyone else's money, so you're out of money in the sense that you don't have any more productivity to go around, but you've got all the money in the world in the sense that you can print whatever you like.

                    I've got over 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars hanging on my wall. When it was minted, it wouldn't buy you a loaf of bread. They didn't really have any money in the sense of the ability to buy things, but they had all the money in the world in the sense that they were all trillionaires.

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                    They will hand you shitty versions of these things because, hey, gotta keep the cattle happy.

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                      Lmao, the perfect? Are you a shill?

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                      This is rule by journalists, i.e. those who are the least equipped to rule other people. Theyre the moral and intellctual scum of the earth.

                      Of course, if you believe in free stuff and voting other people's money into your pocket then you will of course welcome this. Russia made the same mistake in 1917 and the result was 73 years of murder, misery, war, and decline. Tens of millions of lives and families were annihilated, the rest was scarred for life and will suffer from the consequences for decades to come.

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                      Chinese pay through the nose for education. It's not free.

                      Housing isn't affordable. In many cases it's far more expensive than in America.

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                      They've been in control since 1913. Trump's nationalism theater was shit.

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                      In many ways I agree with you. But all the same I do think something major has shifted in the past 4 years. Having lived through the past several decades in the US, I have never before seen the culture (popular, not just political) shift away from freedom of speech. The establishment has always worked to suppress it, but never before were they explicit about it. They would pretend they weren't doing precisely what they were.

                      That's the change. No more pretending. There is now an explicit conversation that the first amendment should be annulled. They aren't yet putting it in those exact terms, but the meaning of the rhetoric is 100% identical with that goal.

                      That is a huge change. The origins of the US model were individual rights being superior to group rights. In the past four years, that foundational idea is being explicitly cast aside. The ignorance which allows a change like this is mind-boggling.

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                        Equally important as the communication channels is the judiciary. When parler or a parler equivalent is explicitly shut down, for example - or closer to home, if saidit is shut down - are the courts going to recognize the first amendment issues or will they twist the law to fit the modern zeitgeist? This is the level we are at now.

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                        Agreed, the war for a free internet and free speech is afoot. I'm hoping for a huge conservative backlash over everyone cancelling Parler for nothing.

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                        Read Washington on foreign influence. Washington was a freemason but he would have expelled every Zionist from teh US if he was living today.

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                        Why 1913? I'm starting to think they've had some clout here since the beginning with the original companies.

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                        The Federal Reserve Act and income taxes were passed. It's kinda arbitrary, lots of people place our corruption much earlier.

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                        Hm, I wouldn't call that arbitrary. That could've been when it switched from having major clout in certain areas of the country to having total control over major services and markets.

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                        Perhaps we should stop them

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                        You cant stop a global lemming train. You can only wait for the lemmings running over the cliff, try to not get caught by its might, and then build up from whats left.

                        We had 75 years of unparalleled peace, freedom, wealth, and safety. Good times breed weak, stupid, and arrogant people. These masses of degenerates instinctly try to cull themselves, thats what we're witnessing right now. They just cut off the branch theyre living on. We can only wait and watch, and enjoy their utter horror and desperation when they finally realize what they have done to themselves.

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                        They just cut off the branch theyre living on

                        What exactly are you referring to? Have I missed some news?

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                        These NWO/Globocuck mortherfuckers may have just awoken the sleeping giant. What goes up MUST come down.

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                        It's called Chabad. Chinese will be part of the Eurasianism that will take place but only becasue they're in the position to do so. The real problem are those who have infiltrated our government.

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                        You guys are awfully impatient. I understand you're freaked out... but maybe quit watching the news for a week or two.

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                        Only do the minimum amount of work. Don’t create wealth, which will just be taken from you, to sustain the NWO.

                        If you can, live in an isolated spot. About 15 to 20 miles from a town with a doctor and dentist would be ideal. Retire early.

                        It’s very challenging to live like the above but it’s one way to fight back.

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                        u've gotta be kidding me. China is a shithole. people can't even buy a fucking basic apartment because of how expensive it is. in fact most young people china including those with degrees are struggling to just survive. people can't even buy meat because it's so expensive. healthcare is total crap. air pollution and corruption are rampant.

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                        people can't even buy a fucking basic apartment because of how expensive it is. in fact most young people china including those with degrees are struggling to just survive

                        Isn't it the same in US? Say NYC sounds pretty similar to what you described.

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                        Come and take it!

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                        Where is your paranoia when it comes to Trump? Apparently you "know" that Hillary Clinton murdered Don Henry by running him over with a train. But multiple recorded extortion attempts over the phone just means Trump is a patriot who is looking out for you.

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                        If only that were true. Instead, in reality we have a bunch of Reaganite imperialist c**ts.

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                        This isn't the first NWO, so to speak. There's already been the establishment of an NWO, multiple in fact. Look at WWI. Dysfunctional "democracy" is forcefully spread throughout the world, and communist thugs unleashed upon the East (both Eastern Europe and Asia). Look at WW2. Nationalism? That's what muh evil Natzees had! Therefore, we should open our borders and globalize!

                        If you can't see that this has happened before, idk what to tell you. But It gets worse every time. This time it will be the endgame, so to speak, or the step immediately preceding it.