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And by "Jewish people" he means the Israeli government. Which is wrongfully conflating the Jews as a whole with the desires of Zionism. 50% of US Jews reject the expansionist Zionist ideology held by most Israeli government officials.

Here the land grab (and oil grab) goals of Israel and Saudi align (as has happened many times in the past, see Iraq, Syria, and others) so they're going to place nice to try and coordinate to overthrow Iran as this article indicates.

The US overthrew Iran in 1954 and then Iran took itself back in a religious overreaction in the opposite direction in 1979, and it's been a stick in the craw of the western powers ever since. Here we see Saudi and Israel teaming up again, while Russia and China come to Iran's defense.

It may develop in to a proxy war between these powers, funded by them. Just like Syria. Just like Iraq. That's what Saudi and Israel would want to happen, so then they could force regime change and get someone western-friendly in power.