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Hi - my name is Misha and I am a Russian-American. I write scifi, fantasy and some travel writing also, since I travel to and from Europe quite a bit. I haven't published anything yet except articles I ghost write for people about the economy and marketing. I would like to know if others do similar types of work and if so where do you find clients? Glad to be part of the community.

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Hey! I'm Lovelli. I'm a full-stack freelancer. I write articles and blog posts about things I'm passionate about, such as education and science, popular topics, and news articles. I also make time to write poetry, short stories and fiction.

I'm currently building up my website to make it easier for people to find me and my service. I usually find my clients from referrals or word-of-mouth. By going digital, I want to help more people and provide more relevant offerings.

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Nice to meet you, Lovelli. Thanks for introducing yourself.

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Nice to meet you too, Nechama. I lost my sfereng log in yesterday (didn't specify my email), and couldn't keep the username, so now I will be using this username on SaidIt.

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Got it! Thanks.

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That's why you write things down!

Yeah, stupid joke...

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BEWARE! I'm Mnemonic and I need myself to remember!

But seriously, I'm onto sci-fi, bizarro and anyhting semi-related to NLP/Magick/tricks and/or code.

My reading interests lie too widely spread, but if a cricle must be drawn it would be centered around me, Mnemonic (Johnny Mnemonic the movie). So religious to code, social to corporate, politics to people and memory to the void.

Apart from my life's work, which i can't expand upon for language (native) reasons and the effect it would have upon all human filtered consciousness (as far as I can tell at least), I'm working on a piece for my sub <shillmode> /s/Internet </shillmode> called (for now):

Internet identity and RL frustrations: enter the Matrix quantumtitty-verse!

But the strikethrough markdown feature doesn't work in titles so it would need to change a bit (haha, get it? bit!). Though a great problem I'm facing is Language in English and the perception of it with certain 'sayings', also my 'though' and 'also' and 'like' usage.

It's about the Internet-self and it's relation to our conscious-self and unconscious-self AND how that a (doesn't) related to our RealLife world in our corporeal body [aka, why do 'people' wanna know if you're a girl]. Because, heh, let's be honest, like a book, this is nothing more than a screen projecting symbols, not real ideas, not real concepts and not real reals. It's hard to find the English words (or even just the words), and the whole racket has spun me up certainly three trees already.

I really like this sub, I can't really request anything because most f it surprises me (in a good way), so yeah, keep it up!

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Nice sub, Mnemonic.