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If you have any input into hiring at your job, you can practice reverse affirmative action. Frankly, merely behaving in a color-blind / gender-blind manner will result in you hiring white American men.

Don't read that paragraph and think it's mostly anti-black. In my field it's the Indian people who I end up quietly black-balling.

Within their culture are traditions of sex-selection abortion, Marxism, slavery, and polytheism that make them an absolute cancer within any political system they're allowed to participate in. Their heads just aren't right for voting and frankly they're not actually all that good with computers anyway. They're just good at getting certs and toeing the party line.

If you look at the insular, mercenary way Indians stick their tentacles into every society on earth, from Kenya to Sweden, I think you'll find that many bad things asserted about Jews are in fact Indian characteristics.

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Not sure how your comment is relevant to the topic

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What's the goal? To turn back the tide of leftism destroying our societies.

What's the strategy? To quietly work against the factors encouraging it.

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Again, I don't see the relevance of your comment to the topic being discussed.

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So what do you think "the goal" is?

Just to tank shit generally?