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You just regurgitate short bullet points filled with buzz words, and it seems there's no substance behind it. Can you write a longer, natural sounding prose text with paragraphs that lays out your ideas clearly?

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'eliteDom' or 'usurperDom' refers to our present usurped world
'usurper-free Dom' refers to our world, freed from usurpation.
Which do you choose to have: eliteDom or usurper-free Dom?
It is a straightforward question, and one that everyone needs to focus on

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Did you read my comment at all?

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I have written & posted a lot on this wall.
It would help save me time (i.e. not usurp my time) if you could tell me this:
What exactly is it that you are not clear on?
Then it would be easier for me to elaborate.
Otherwise, the idea very straightforward - it can be summed up pictorially
Here, all I am doing is ask the reader to decide on a fundamental question:
Do you want to stay in frame 3 or proceed to frame 4?
There are next steps of course, but first decide on this one question.
Perhaps you are still on frame 3 - there are no real solutions to be found here.