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The Monkey Trap Story - Key Lessons

1. In a seemingly peaceful world, there are those who are intent on ruling and dominating others. We MUST be on the look out for this real danger. Not doing so is folly.

2. Those who seek to control others naturally seek out the means to do so.
Hence, between them and the general population, there exists differences in technological access/capabilities as well as the real use objectives of said technologies. Namely, the former will use technology to subjugate the populace.
This power imbalance must be recognized as a clear and present danger.

3. "The newest/latest thing" (the fruit-filled calabash) is invariably an agenda put into action, with
- "the newest/latest thing" being the means to effect the agenda
- those who seemingly "benefit" from "the newest/latest thing" being its target
- those who seemingly "help" in "the newest/latest thing" being its perpetrator


4. The danger starts as soon as "the newest/latest thing" comes into sight.
Hence "the newest/latest things" must be met with utmost vigilance / skepticism from the very onset - before embracing it
Once "the newest/latest thing" is embraced, "the damage is done"
i.e. (1) extrication or (2) re-instatement or (3) both may not be possible

5. Because of the abovementioned risks, always firstly, look to oneself, or one's own community for the solution out of any bind.
In particular, MINDSET SEALS FATE.
Hence, one's mindset must be re-examined: when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, as well as proactively reviewed periodically
A Direct Change i.e. a mindset change invariably offers new vistas and solutions. Conversely, keeping one's mindset unchanged by definition ensures status quo

6. Time is of the essence: Direct Change may be available only up to a certain point of time. Once the agenda has reached its intended end phase, change may no longer be possible...

7. Indirect "Change" (the men in white i.e. relying on others to "solve" the problem) is NOT actually an option. It serves to establish the new norm - the new status quo - at the expense of those who "benefit" from the "new / latest thing".

8. Key differences from the monkey in the story

  • the populace far outnumber their rulers
  • the populace is kept ruled by mind shackles

Hence, in theory the populace could do better than the monkey - they can be free simply by removing their mind shackles (i.e. changing their own mindset).
But, in reality the populace may not get their freedom just like the monkey because of mind gatekeeping

  • by mind gatekeepers
  • by each other
  • by the next "newest/latest thing" e.g. AI

As a result, the top-down, hierarchical, corporate, Pyramidian Paradigm would remain unchallenged, and thus the Populace would remain mind shackled.