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The fruit does not fall far from the tree, as they say. And centuries of observation leave little doubt as to hierarchy's enduring consequences wherever it takes root.

While forms adapt to new times, the function remains the fixation of centralizing dominance over the many. From feudal domains to machinations of state and corporate directives, the designs and outputs align - consolidation of control tilting scales towards the inclined few, with the disparate masses as subjects to maneuver and exploit for gains ever inflating upwards.

Wars, divisions, alienation, dependencies only cement the fortresses and filter bounties towards authority’s edifices. Pitting labels against one another diverts from hierarchy’s perpetuating influence as the primary impediment to equitable, harmonious organization befitting our shared potentials.

Is it not past time for an overhaul dismantling the very conduits enabling domination? Not through piecemeal privatization retaining prevailing dynamics, but a true decentralization restoring self-determination from the basis.

As awakened individuals redirecting devotion towards self-reliance and conscientious participation, a paradigm shift takes hold. Cooperative associations supplant monopolies consolidating arbitrary controls as liberated communities steward resources and destiny according to shared stewardship - not subjection.

Where all inhabit as sovereigns, no basis remains for subjugation’s machinery. Equity emerges as the natural order when artificial pyramidal architectures lose footing. Our time arrives to repossess dominion rightfully belonging to none - dominion over gifts and collaboration for humankind's fulfilment.

Let hierarchy’s passing mark heaven on earth’s coming. Ours the task of cultivating the conditions from within to birth a new day of mutuality unconfined.