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It's called Vermont and Maine.

Both over 94% homogenous

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I don't live in the U.S.

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Where you from?

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I'm much more in the middle on this spectrum.

I like immigration and diversity, but not the way it's being forced by my current govt. Unchecked immigration like the current state would no doubt hurt population morale, create ghettos, damage the economy and social welfare programs, etc.

Cultural diversity is great. My white food, white music, art, comedy, religions... it needs a little spice from time to time. We should all be learning from each other. Some cultures have great amounts of history and knowledge from thousands and thousands of generations! So much to learn, especially when neo-American/Communist culture control has neutered everything from my past. (The most important history was the last 300 years! People were ALL dumb before then. Ancient Chinese or Native American medicines? Hah! They were just being dumb and hurting each other for thousands of years, duh!)

Like any economic practice, there is a "best number" for immigration levels. (That is, if you are one of those govts that actually cares about your people and national economy). Also, I want to immigrate the highest skilled, most integrate-able people. I would hate if my NHL team just tried to sign a tonne of shitty players that don't speak English. Not because I'm racist, but the team should be making moves to IMPROVE our performance.

Not the colour, but the content, yadda yadda.

"Everybody love everybody!" - Semi-Pro

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"Everybody love everybody!"

Sorry, but in reality we ain't all on hippy drugs. Ghettos are just parallel societies, they appear by themselves when people from one culture come into another one. Cultural diversity is great, that's basically what I was saying in the OP (did anyone here even read the goddamn OP or are you all just commenting the title?!), but I also was saying that this cultural diversity is about to vanish and will be vanished completely once we are all totally mixed up together. Mixing everything together doesn't create more cultural diversity, it just makes that every culture is losing pieces. I also don't think that people where ALL DUMB 300 years ago. People hurting each other (because they are different) was always a thing and it is till today, now we are hurting each other with machines, do you think that would make it any better? There is no "best number" for immigration levels, I guess. People from other cultures have to integrate into the culture they're entering to become an enrichment for that culture or otherwise they will only be a burden. As I already said in the OP, most people entering another culture doesn't integrate, they just try too keep their own culture or what is left of that since they left their cultural home. This fact is the reason why a multicultural coexistence, especially in the cities, has to be assessed very critically, because people are all alien to each other, which in turn lowers the inhibition threshold of violating or robbing one another.

I don't know why everyone in this comments wants to make my post about skin color. I never said anything about color in the OP. It was all abaout cultural diversity. I don't want to "get rid of minorities" and I made my point of view clear, I thought.

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Nonsense, ghettos don't just appear. They are forced into them. Just as the powers that be have pushed cultural diversity upon us, so too they have herded certain kinds of people into ghettos with cultural engineering including such control measures as who gets cheap loans and who can't get loans. In this way they managed to take strong Polish, Italian, Irish, etc neighbourhoods of major cities and move them out the non-tight bland "communities" of the "white" suburbs where they have nothing in common but their lawnmowers. Part of the push out of the city was organized welcoming of "other" communities into their formerly strong communities. Much like Europe is having immigrants forced upon them now - except there's no "white" suburbs to retreat to.

I agree that forced cultural diversity is terrible to all involved, other than the ruling class who aim to divide and conquer.

Your title is about skin colour. That "racial" error is on you if you meant "culture".

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Move to Japan.

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Or Israel.

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Israel is such a failure, stealing everything from Europe and then trying to kill eurpoean diversity with enforcing fake "diversity" in form of race mixing for everyone else.

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How would your utopia differ?

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/s/Race_DivisionByElites is an option.

I understand your issue, and I believe it is valid, but I don't agree and subscribe to it. I think judging people on their looks is superficial and dependent upon stereotypes which may or may not be true, yet can't precisely predict the actions and nature of individuals. Further, many people are where they're at due to centuries of racist rigged systems and cultural engineering beyond their control and as such their truest potential is limited and wasted were they given a fair chance.

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Who is judging people on their looks here? It is not about skin color, it is about cultural diversity. Did you even read the OP?

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Okay, it's not the same thing, but maybe you should have used "culturally homogenous ethnostate" instead of "racially homogenous ethnostate" in your post title rather then.

So you want everyone to be "normal". Who defines "normal"? Does this mean we execute "abnormal" people? Birth defects, short ones, tall ones? Four eyes? Artistic ones? Gay ones?

What happens to food? No more Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food? Who judges what is ethnically/culturally homogenous?

Sounds like a VERY slippery slope to tyranny to me.

However, to be fair, the Mormons managed to pull it off with some success in Utah. Granted, their codified system was FAAAAAR from fair to their own people, much less those from diverse cultures and origins.

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This is for alternative music so discussions like this should be confined to /s/whatever or some of the other discussion groups.