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Chimps are 99% alike in DNA too, yet there are vast differences.

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Chimps also have far more genetic variation than humans even though their are only thousands of them compared to billions of humans.

Chimps in neighbouring troops are often more distantly related than native humans in the old and new world.

And most of the human genetic variation which exists is in Africa. East Africans are more closely related to Europeans than they are to West Africans.

This is because most humans are descended from a small band of survivors who made it out of Africa after the last ice age.

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Misleading statistics

"Genetic diversity" is a bogus fake number

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Any excuse to marry your cousin

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You can't even use genetic diversity, as it is calculated currently, to measure races and you want to use it as some kind of "distance measurement", this is not how it works.

"This is because most humans are descended from a small band of survivors who made it out of Africa after the last ice age."

Communist propaganda. Why do africans have 2-19% archaic homonid ancestry and 0% neanderthal while we have 2-5% neanderthal and 0% archaic homonid ancestry if we "made it out of Africa after the last ice age"?

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Because obviously most Africans didn't leave Africa so weren't as affected by the bottleneck, didn't interbreed with neanderthals, etc.

This is why they have the most genetic diversity. There is more genetic diversity in sub Saharan Africa than the whole rest of the world. They even have their own blood groups down there.

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Genetic diversity doesn't mean what you think it does. What are you even trying to say with that measurement? It is not an argument

Also you are not making sense. We cannot be a subset of Africans because we do not have their 2-19% archaic admixture. Do you understand that? Africans have mixed with a species 400-700k years old that we do not have in our genetics.
Did that happen after the Ice Age too? Lol get real.

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If only Jews saw it like that.

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Don't talk about genetics if you know nothing about it.

If you're mainly European, then do not mix with other races and do not promote anti european ideologies like "we are all mixed and 99% alike in DNA". Europeans are different from the other races and it is okay to be white.

Jews want whites to race mix ourselves out of existance. You don't have to lick their boots

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shut up nerd i have 1000 genetics graphs saved that disagree with you.

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look 99% different tho, that 1% matters a lot

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That's why I never got wignats, have they even had a cursory look at European history? I'm just imagining some retard from the US telling a serb and a croat that they're actually brothers. They'd laugh their heads off then probably beat the shit out of each other.