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god damnit i want to like this sub but shit keeps getting removed from it. fuck

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Why they think anyone would take them seriously when they're so annoying is beyond me, logically leaving them only as obvious STABs interference.

Saves me from having to spend the effort crossposting, as annoying as it was to some, including myself.

IIRC, /u/diogenesjunior was keen to collaborate on making helpful bots, but alas. Perhaps related, /u/LarrySwinger2 was thinking of auto-scanning for A+++ labels to post. Also, unless I'm thinking of someone else, I think /u/HibikiBlack seems to often repost the best of the best. This seems like a good sub for much of that. Maybe we could collaborate deeper somehow.

If Larry's game I'll accept co-mod, add a banner, the /s/CorbettCommenters' SimpleTweaks CSS, some sidebox stuff, and un-mod. This best of the best deserves a modicum of effort.

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You're welcome to moderate, the invitation still stands.

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I'll make it pretty, but not moderate anyone.