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If I had a bitcoin for ever time that was said...."screw them suckers who bought BTC at $1"...

I'm expecting ~$150K/BTC in a year or two, likely with a quick spike higher.

It's extremely valuable due to its huge amount of security that no government can take. The worst a government's full efforts could do is denial of service for a few days utilizing their control over ISP's.

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how much higher did those tards think a fake unregulated currency was going to go?

To the moon?

Seriously, the whole thing was supremely neckbeardy and doomed to fail. That NFT shit is even worse.

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NFTs seem perfect to me for representing special equipment in online games. The only games that do this right now are pretty meh, but imagine if Call of Duty used NFTs this way. They could get gamers to pay actual gun prices, or more, for nothing. Which is fantastic from a business standpoint, not so much for gamers.

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WTF is a brocel?

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Nah, it'll come back eventually. I'm out since December, and the BTC market is infinitely predictable: 2 years of crypto winter, 2 years of crypto craze. We're in Crypto winter for another 18 months or so, and then it will start coming back again, and I'll be here to take advantage.

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"yeah suckers I'm all in euros!!! " :-~ <looks at gold price over 100 years>