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"Teenager" is a euphemism for "black youth." Avoiding the "teenagers" assists with preventing harm, maiming and even death. Do not limit avoidance to just the "teenage" cohort. In reality, as proven by decades of research, studies, data and statistic accumulation and ample real-life experiences by the civil folks of the USA all Negroes must be avoided as much as possible.

Their own incivility and violence-prone tendencies truly make the feral bestial Negro America's Bane.

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The thing is, as that population continues to increase and the associated violence gets worse, who is going to want to police that mess? I think people just assume cops will always be there but there is a big difference between taking a job to protect and serve your own civilized community and playing zoo keeper to a bunch of rampaging animals with guns. People need to start asking how far can uncivilized behaviour stretch the bounderies of civilization before there is no civilization and the whole thing collapses.

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When we lived in Atlanta we used to get season passes to Six Flags until the "teenagers" took over and attacked my wife one summer.