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Use a publish-on-demand company like You pay nothing. When Lulu gets an order, they print your book and ship it.

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An advertising campaign on multiple platforms to promote the book is what is needed. I have zero skills of this so your idea won't work for me but thanks.

[–]chottohen 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) gives you an easy-to-use page on their server but yes, you have to generate interest to bring traffic to your page.

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Premise of A Hard Man is Needed

 Just a few years from today there has already been a cataclysmic devastation of the Southwest USA of an Asteroid that has obliterated several thousand square miles epicenter Los Angeles removing from existence all business and buildings, freeways and homes, nuclear power plants (6 of them) and any human/animal life of a region now radiated and uninhabitable for most likely several thousand years if ever.

 Under the guise of offering aid to the USA the 2 super-powers of the People’s Republic of China and the United Nations have sent many hundreds of both war ships and container cargo ships loaded with supplies and troops but in fact this is a well-planned and invited invasion and that invited by the Extreme Left politicians who see this Impact Day as their golden ticket to create for themselves a single-domination rule of America essentially forever. Both PRC and UN have promised from POTUS on down great wealth and power but of course the politicians do not know they are simply being used as tools for the real domination of the 2 powers to come.

 The initial chapters detail the beginnings of the man William McDonald as he brings a 1-man war to the invasion and the only way he has to do that is acting as a Lone Sniper. He hunts nearly every day searching for Officers and Senior ranks of the enemy and is become to be called “The Pacific Northwest Sniper” by news sources and his success of great many kills has angered the enemy yet to admiration and applause of Patriots who also see this is an invasion of an enemy certainly not to bring aid to Americans.

 Pure happenstance of a US Army LRP (Long Range Patrol) searching for a very good sniper spot the Rangers over-run the hidey-hole of McDonald as he prepared to remove the heads of 2 Senior PRC Officers in their open-top convoy and the 2 Rangers make contact with the man they have been ordered to keep an eye out for and an invitation to come meet the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Command a General Mathis is made.

 Accepting the invitation McDonald however knew full well that enemy would know of his visit therefore he is prepared for bushwhack. That in fact happens yet through preparation it was the Mercenaries killed not McDonald and his transport team and blood is soon the be dripped on the office carpet of the General.

 The General offers McDonald a deal = all ammo needed, supplies, food, a bit of cash and encrypted cellphone and a place of safety he could go to prepare or lick his wounds. He is then introduced to Two Old Men who are known as Caretakers of POMCUS #4 (Positioned Outside Military Custody) and highly secret military supply base located just outside Coeur D Alene Idaho and that base supervised by an Active Duty Navy Commander under cover with her as owner of a local restaurant and brew pub.

 McDonald accepts his very first attack orders from the General to attack and kill all defenders of an abandoned County Jail the PRC are using as a POW Internment and torture camp over to Spokane Washington. McDonald is invited to use any and all assets under cloak of great secrecy of the US Military and he devises a plan of both attack and freedom of prisoners.

 Book One ends with smashing success of the attack and freeing of prisoners and General Mathis now convinced he has found his man to act as his Razor-sharp Samurai Sword to chop the head off the enemy and the General brings McDonald to the Pentagon to give him orders to both attack and take prisoner every single member of Congress, the Senate, Legislature and the White House Administration that all have been utterly dominated by a most-wicked secret Muslim-loving and Marxist President and that General Mathis will take over control of Martial Law and continue attacks on the invading army’s.

 Book Two details the beginning and end of American Politicians utterly shocked of their capture and imprisonment by US Military forces then set for trial of Treason by Military Tribunal Courts. A great many to swing by their neck as Mathis and his teams now start a quite-real war no longer handcuffed under control of a Traitor President and wicked politicians.

 Book Three will commence to England and The UK and McDonald being sent there with his teams to both confront King Charles then help newly-announced King William of whom McDonald convinces him to conduct a war against invading Muslims who have virtually taken over entire regions of the UK and working on plans of attack on the Royal Family itself. Simultaneous McDonald and General Mathis devising plans to rid America forever of the great evil of Muslims both to root them out then evict them forever from America. Book Three ends with McDonald now a General, Mathis having handed power back to an elected President however with the US Military now-forever removed from control of politicians as named under Article 2 Section 2 of the US Constitution. The US Military now utterly ruled and controlled by the Joint Chiefs of Command devoid of any civilian or political control they begin to expand their power and control autonomously.

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    What's the topic? Bullet points please. How long of an article and where do you want it posted? Who is the target reader?