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If you're comfortable in your tent when it's 40 degrees, I think it will be fine when it's 30. If anything, you might want to invest in a warmer sleeping bag or just wear some extra layers.

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I have a 0F degree bag that does quite well, even on the bare ground. My family, however, needs a little more buffer.

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We just use our regular tent in freezing weather, although it has windows and is big (8 person) so it doesn't keep warmth at all. We burrow into the sleeping bags to stay warm. If you want the tent itself warm you'll want something no bigger than necessary without windows or body heat will never warm it enough.

I've never used one, but maybe a tent heater would be enough to keep your family comfortable. I think for us misery is part of the experience... but a tent heater does sound nice.

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Plenty of hot tent videos on YouTube. You could use a big tarp if you folded it correctly. When I was in the Army I hated going to the field in winter. Of course going to the field just about anytime sucked. Main thing is staying dry, avoiding heat robbing wind, and take advantage of insulation. If you have a wood stove or other heater use it.

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I do not have a camping heater stove. My biggest problem with my current tent is that is has a screen top and rain fly, so all the heat escapes. It is large enough for an inner tent, though.

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Got a sewing machine?

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Get some good lightweight fabric that either matches or contrasts your tent colors and sew it over any vents. Quick, cheap, and not so dirty tent upgrade.

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