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UGHHH, I literally couldn't finish this... anyone summarize last 1/2? Tru-shit gives 25,000 to each resident on the street, Old lady loves immigrants and... ? This video literally hurts me, it's my home...

This is why I don't waste time going out in public anymore. Just go out to get groceries and stuff and come home. Sad thing is, every place I go - everyone is woke as fuck already. Where the fuck are these NPCs even coming from?!

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I know right.

I was on the fence about posting it. She hot, but that ain't enough.

Ultimately I posted it because it's a funny contrast to the Mexican wall, as well as, like her or not, the very valid point about Trudeau funding nonsense. He gave $200 million to the Clinton Foundation that he could have given poor folks in Canada. That's another issue but still. Trudeau is scum.

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Oof, scathing. I like it.

Yeah, we're not doing so well up here lol