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This extends beyond Google. The two main theories I have are:

  1. Corporations have to be recognized as some governmental agency when they reach a certain threshold (I have no idea what that threshold is, but they are essentially acting as propaganda wing of the government, msm included or even more so than social media).

  2. Fight modern day capitalism with capitalism. Quit consuming the deceitful msm and go with alternative services.

I am outraged by the blatant censorship of conservative and alt online communities and voices. And the msm to protect the globalist agenda. It is all one gigantic echo chamber! It’s so big that most people don’t even see it.

It started probably long before but I felt like it was painfully obvious during the WMD Iraq propaganda and 911.

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i am not sure if breaking it up and thus making multiples of it is a good idea though. what else can be done?