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Oh my, all those assumptions. And pretty much all of them are factually wrong.

To start off, I'm not even a lesbian, I'm straight. If even I don't need a penis or penetration to orgasm, then lesbians definitely don't. You seem to think I'm lying about this, so I encourage you to look up the anatomy of female genitals. I hope that clears things up for you. And those two things you're a firm believer in... Well, there's plenty of scientific evidence to prove you wrong, so if that's not enough for you, there's little else I can do about that. I've never heard about a spiritual disease before though. Where can I find those in a medical database?

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Don't argue with the rapist.

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Rapist? Is this about his attitude towards lesbians or something I'm missing here?

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His comment about how lesbians are lesbians because they were raped by their daddies as children makes me wonder.

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the world is so mangled today.. I have read in the /s/lesbians forum about how they have male2female transgenders that think that they are lesbians, lol.. the world is just simply so confused.

good luck finding some dick.

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Good luck finding dick to you, too!

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LOL, and you should go back to lesbian porn. It's the only thing that gets you going