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YouTube is one of the worst companies alive. They are bold enough to allow pedophilic content on their website, careless enough to allow shitty companies making a living out of copystriking others' videos, but the biggest problem they see is someone going against the narrative.

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Googled her and the liberal media is calling her a GADFLY

Can you imagine the reaction if they called one of the BLM founders a gadfly?

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That's surprising because I always identified as a gadfly and thought it was a good thing. That term comes from Socrates, who was killed for stating painful facts that the elites of Greece didn't want to hear. He taught Plato.

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Yeah it basically means provocateur. I think at the time it's literal translation was "fast spike" or some shit. A jab in the ribs. Now simply disagreeing with the group think hive mind is enough to be outcast and the pseudo-intellectuals lapping this shit up think that using words like that discredits their opponents.

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it's a type of fly that bothers a horse, Socrates compared himself to one because they had him on trial for dissenting opinions and he was saying that yes he was annoying but not so bad it would destroy society like they were making it out to be, the fly annoys the horse but can't kill it. If I remember correctly socrates had great sarcasm, someone in the jury asked him what he thought his punishment should be and he replied they should pay him to keep being a gadfly because it is good for society. They then sentenced him to have to commit suicide

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Ah fair enough. I recall a "Gad" being a type of short bladed weapon so perhaps that was where I mistook it. Unless the Gladfly being a major pain in the arse got its name from that as well. Socrates suicide might be one of the most poetic things to ever happen in history.

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I haven't heard of a gad being a blade, maybe if it is a short blade it is considered not as big a deal as a larger sword so someone might say it's just a gad blade, a minor annoyance compared to a large sword which will kill you? Not sure.

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I've heard of it being either a really short blade, spike or even a particularly nasty stick. Maybe its just a colloquialism though?

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yeah I just googled it looks like in socrates time they said something else but in translations it is gadfly a norse, or german word.

gadfly (n.)

also gad-fly, 1620s, "fly which bites cattle," probably from gad (n.) "goad, metal rod," here in the sense of "stinger;" but the sense is entangled with gad (v.) "rove about" (on the notion, perhaps, of the insect's power of flight or of the restlessness of animals plagued by them), and another early meaning of gadfly was "someone who likes to go about, often stopping here and there" (1610s). Sense of "one who irritates another" is from 1640s (equivalent of Latin oestrus; see estrus). "In strictness, only the females are gadflies, the males being smaller and quite inoffensive, living on juices of plants" [Century Dictionary]. Earlier bot-fly, from bot "skin parasite" (late 15c.).

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I'd love to see a contemporary adaptation of Socrate's trial somehow - kind of like how they remake Shakespeare modern.

Or they could set Socrates in Shakespeare's time, or make him a Renaissance man, or a 50s/60s Rebel With A Cause.

Of course they'd sanitize and water it down instead of authentically speaking trutherisms to power.

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I want to see The Republic made into a 10hr feature film in all its gritty sometimes meandering detail. If we can get that of a fucken midget throwing a ring into a cranky mountain surely one of the founding philosophical texts can be done?

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Brobdingnagian Brokingnoggin, I agree, the story should be retold. I looked for my water damaged university copy of The Republic last year but couldn't find it. My little Symposium is missing too. I guess I lent or gave them away.

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I bought a hardcover copy that I keep on my shelf. I read it prior to beginning a Social Work degree and quickly realised that none of those fuckers could define justice much less work towards it. I cited the discussion between Socrates and Glaucon as an argument against their idea's of what justice is and how it works, but all they kept coming back with was "we need to change this". Like, fucking how? Wide spread armed insurrection? No, capital funding from the wealthy that have vested interests in keeping the masses placated, just as Socrates and Claucon discussed.... Useful idiots the lot of them.

Edit: I quickly moved over to psychological sciences, so I could actually be useful...

Fuck that was a decent old 7am rant..

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Good rant!

I don't recall hearing anything about psychological sciences and can only guess at what's actually behind the name. Care to give a brief description? I was never into anything remotely related until I started getting deep into conspiracy theories, the deep state, psyops, propaganda, and the arts of persuasion, manipulation, deception, exploitation, and extermination via Machiavellianism, or basically: the levers of power and control.

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Interesting how this article reframes their protest of the BLM mural as a completely different protest (because these women protested abortion before, so you should judge this based on that).

How dishonest. Do not trust the media.

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Time to move to bitchute I guess

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Moving from shitchute to bitchute.

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bitchute is jew owned and cucked

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Yup, butchute is owned by a Zionist.

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Zionist owned

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Youtube's mom gay.

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According to, Bevelyn Beatty had 268 subscribers on June 3rd, but she's gained 40000 new subscibers just in the past 3 days alone.

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When are we going to stop pretending that Google and Youtube and Facebook are fair, private companies which aim to satisfy their users and not the CIA / NSA / Chi-Com operatives that they really are? If youtube really cared about running their business they would allow for conservative voices because conservatives make up 50% of America and conservatives watch ads and buy shit too. Youtube doesn't care about making money from ads, they have never been profitable serving ads, they're funded by data mining and subverting and molding the public narrative.

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I was surprised how much Yandex reminded me of old google— it’s Russian, LOL!

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It's pretty weird how Russia is now the land of freedoms. Ed Snowden bails on the USA after exposing the evils of the NSA and finds refuge in Russia... Assange should've done the same.

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Check out Barricade Garage. Guy cracks me up - but I imagine his days are numbered.

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That dude is based.

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YouTube Alternatives and Video Decentralization lists:


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It cut off the id. FTFY.

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Bitchute exists as a fake alternative to give the illusion that you are allowed to access alternatives when in fact any real alternative is blocked. It would be trivial to copy Youtubes design from 10 years ago and instantly have a better service than modern youtube. So why is Bitchute so shitty? It is purposefully designed to be worse than youtube so it does not compete with it for normies. It exists to capture the disenfranchised and occupy them so they don't start a real competitor. Or worse start asking why a real competitor doesn't exist.

The rot goes far deeper than google.

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Excellent insights!

Furthermore, IMO, everyone should stop relying on the corporate "free" cloud-based services that we have come to lazily depend on.

We need to be radically self-reliant. We ALL need to have a server at home, small or big, in the attic, basement, or living room - just like you would any other appliance, water heater, air conditioner.

If EVERYONE were to have a server then we could all run VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), co-host federated apps like Mastodon (similar to Twitter), PeerTube (similar to YouTube), and a SaidIt instance (they've federated it and are working on further decentralization). I hope that eventually we can all mirror WikiSpooks and other info-resources too.

Q: But I don't know geekery to run a server! A: You shouldn't need to. 1) Proper geeks should design it so any Luddite can simply plug and play. 2) Many Luddites would be serviced by local geek teams if necessary, and even manage the servers online if you trust them to. (Why local? For one, in person accountability and trust. Also because the answer is not all online or offline - it's both. Just like it's not all local or regional or global - it's all of them and we need to be active on all levels - like our food industry has processing through networks to local stores or any other networked industry. We'd need to support our server geeks just as they would support us. ie. IPFS and Filecoin.)

There are far more decentralized things than are just on this little list: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki/

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No, we shouldn't rely on it, but why stop using what they give away for free? I'd say, use it as much as you can, just don't let them get anything out of it in return.

This seems to have become an Internet meme. People think companies make money simply by people using their services. That's not how it works. Bandwidth is expensive.

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Who ever liked YouTube's design, now or then? What they have is blazing fast servers with high resolution video, that's the real value added. I really don't think people come to the site for their bloated UI or their bad recommendation system. (The most right-wing content I am allowed on YouTube is Jordan Peterson. I am tired of getting him recommended to me all the time.) You can probably copy and paste the basics of it and you probably wouldn't even get into legal trouble. But, yeah, I really don't think that's how YouTube is successful (if they even are that successful, because that is not necessarily what some companies have services for that cost them a ton).

What Is a Loss Leader Strategy? A loss leader is a product or service that is offered at a price that is not profitable, but it is sold to attract new customers or to sell additional products and services to those customers. Loss leading is a common practice when a business first enters a market. Essentially, a loss leader introduces new customers to a service or product in the hope of building a customer base and securing future recurring revenue.

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Let me guess, IT WAS THE JEWS?

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Jewtube is well occupied by them from the top down.

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Can we write to companies, not to support Youtube and google?
For example, because they kill people by blocking information about cheap treatments that help against Covid-19. (Like HCQ)

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Youtube is now just Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen type of shit. And yes her CEO is a globalist cunt.

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Is there a copy of the video anywhere?

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I'm not certain if it still works this way, but my understanding is that using Hooktube, essentially, robs YouTube of the view.

You just replace the "You" in a link with "Hook"... Does anyone know if it still works that way?

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Not sure it does that. I just traced the REST calls HookTube makes and it still all seems to go to YouTube and Google. They do seem to have their own endpoint, for some things, but most still calls the Google endpoints. Not sure what you would be robbing from them anyway, how that would hurt them. For the purpose of companies running ads, I think they are getting different analytics. You are probably fine just using an adblocker, if you are on their website or not. If you use their services, you use their bandwidth. If you want to hurt them, you don't stop using what they give for free -- you stop giving the part they want from you. So, I think the best thing is to use adblock, crank up the video resolution, and leave it playing all night long. The more you use YouTube without them getting what they want the better.

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Heh, well, that's one way of wounding the beast.

It's a shame, though. I thought Hooktube was robbing the creator of the views, allowing someone to watch a video without supporting it. So, for example, if you wanted to watch some Anti-Vaxxer say that there are nano-machines in vaccines, but you didn't want them to get the encouragement that a view would give, you could watch it through Hooktube. I'm sure that was the original purpose, though I know they got a hard pushback from YouTube.

Oh well, thanks for the insight!

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You can still watch YouTube without the view, I believe. If you use most desktop players, I think many of the calls it expects are skipped. Especially if you use youtube-dl, I think it retrieves the video URL directly. VLC, etc. should be enough to circumvent the view counter, unless YouTube really looks at how much of the video was downloaded. It's probably easy enough to give this a try if someone would find a video with a low view count, or maybe upload on one's own channel, and watches it with VLC. If it doesn't add to the view count, I think it should be pretty conclusive that this works.

But, apart from social media stats, I am not sure what view count really does. Bragging rights? In the end, it's about ads, I think.

If someone has confirmed if this works, drop a comment.

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Working or not, this was very helpful. Thank you.

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NP. BTW, if there are issues with notifications, as many people complain, use RSS:

This way you can't get unsubbed and it bypasses geo-restrictions, if a channel is blocked in someone's countyr.

For example, Timcast RSS feed:

Invidious makes it easy to grab channel IDs from the URL:

You will never miss notifications again and you cannot be unsubscribed by YouTube and you no longer need a Google account. I wish this was more widely known.

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You're a hive of wisdom!

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No, I'm a hive of common sense. It's not wisdom that is absent but common sense in this case.

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It happens with livestreams usually if someone says a "bad" word... Fucking nazis.

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Yeah Bevelyn has a great channel.