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I like it too, but there are some unbelievably retarded Jew haters on here

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What can you do. Everywhere you have free speech, that pesky thing called "truth" is bound to show up now and again. I know, I know, it's a terrible state of affairs.

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We get it. Jews have disproportionate representation in world affairs, often for bad reasons. Everybody knows this. Either do something about it, or move on and stop bitchin about it with strangers on the internet.

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No, FAR from everybody knows this. Most people still believe Jews are the poor innocent victims of the shamefully warmongering white men.

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Since when??? Why did the Nazi's want to kill them in the first place? Why were they driven out of every country they've ever settled in for the last 2000 years? EVERYBODY knows this, its OLD NEWS. Everybody on this site CERTAINLY knows it!

Why not do something about it the proper way, through political or legal change? Posting tin-foil hat stuff online does NOTHING to bring about justice, and just makes the rest of us look bad.

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Well if everybody knows it, it isn't "tin-foil hat" stuff, is it now?

But no, there are plenty of reddit refugees here whose contact with the truth is the first.

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I disagree, tons and tons of people aren't aware of it. I wasn't aware that our mainstream media is packed with Jewish people, and that they use their positions of power to advance their own interests.

But the people doing the talking are frequently nuts and/or spew word salad. It's the best defense Jewish people have, frankly. Once society becomes broadly aware of the truth, things will change. Why does AIPAC have veto power over our presidential candidates?

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The agricultural, food producing, and land owning sectors of the Western World is dominated by Christians, who use their position of power to advance their own interests. Should we apply the same standards as you're applying to Jews? Where are all the articles about those super sneaky farmers coveting all the land?

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Whataboutism is a propaganda technique first used by the Soviet Union, in its dealings with the Western world.[1] When Cold War criticisms were levelled at the Soviet Union, the response would be "What about..." followed by the naming of an event in the Western world.[2][3] It represents a case of tu quoque (appeal to hypocrisy),[4] a logical fallacy that attempts to discredit the opponent's position by asserting the opponent's failure to act consistently in accordance with that position, without directly refuting or disproving the opponent's initial argument.

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i think you all might be confusing jews and zionists. Maybe an important issue to research and also lets not start attacking a whole group of people on the basis of stereotypes. I would love to see people deal with one another as a fellow human and one on one than as one ethnic group against another

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"ThErE's ThIs LiTtLe ThInG cAlLeD tRuTh"

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And people obsessed with Antifa and BLM. Someone posted a link about antifa setting fire to a pigs head on /s/animals.

These people post enough of that garbage to other subs it shouldn't even be in like news, politics, world news.

I like saidit but so much of the content is garbage, posted multiple times to different subs.

And what is the obsession with Ellen? I've seen the same thing about her posted several times.

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Exactly. Repetitive misplaced shite. I left Reddit to go to a BETTER site, not to babysit a worse one

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There is no site worse than Reddit. Reddit doesn't even represent reality, it's worse than being imprisoned in a liberal arts private college run only for trannies and their allies, why do you like it at all?

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I don't anymore. I didn't used to be like that, it has only gotten that way in recent years. It might change again after the US elections. But I'd hate to see Saidit going just as extreme in the opposite direction. Saidit actually has a chance of being a good reputable conservative site. Lets not let it descend into a KKK circlejerk.

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Are moderators unable to curate at all? Not quite sure how saidit works just yet.

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I don't know either. With Saidit being so small right now, you'd think the mods could control things a bit better and create an expectation for what the site should be like. Now is the time.

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It really gets to be a fine line when it comes to censorship, but yes I agree that I don't want constant "i hate jews" type crap in my sub. At the same time, I'm here because reddit banned all feminist communities that refused to jump on the "men can be women" bandwagon. At the same time, there's a difference between saying that I don't think biological men should be considered women just because they say they're women, and saying "i hate all transpeople" or "all transpeople are evil because they're trans". I think reddit similarly is blocking any discussions that discuss their definition of "oppressed" groups as bad actors, even when said discussions are about individuals acting badly or ideologies as a whole.

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I just ignore those posts and try and post cool things and engage in comments.

If I want saidit to be better I have to do better as well.

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Oh man I am so sick of hearing about antifa, BLM, and Jews on here. It's every bit as dumb, pointless, and obnoxious as the left constantly whining about Trump on reddit.

We get it guys, you don't like those groups. Tell me something new, fun, or educational.

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To be fair, after months of riots I think the world is sick of antifa and BLM.

Sure would be nice if we could wave a magic wand and make it all stop being current events, but the mayors and governors approve of it all so they refuse to enforce the law.

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I see your point. Especially lately where people are protesting police shootings that were clearly justified for example. I feel like there's no more ground to cover though. The conversations on BLM, covid, etc have gone on long enough to have the same talking points over and over, I'm just ready to talk about something else while this madness burns out. Plus I don't believe these groups and events are as big and influential as people like to think.

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Why don't YOU come up with things that are new fun and educational? That way your amazing posts will drown out all the low quality stuff on the front page.

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Good point, I share a bit here and there but nothing too exciting. That said if I find or think of something great I'll be happy to share it, I want this community to turn out awesome.

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And people obsessed with Antifa and BLM.

And what is the obsession with Ellen?

WhY aRe PeOpLe TaLkInG aBoUt CuRrEnT eVeNtS


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Why do people have to be broken records about it though? There's no more ground to cover, it's been the same stupid shit every day. Next subject I say!

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You sure it's not because you disagree with it and hate seeing it exposed?

Ellen is a pretty big deal. As big as Bill Cosby. She was the far left superstar for ages, and now it's come out that she was a completely horrible person, and treated people like shit all the time. That's gonna be a big story for a long time.

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If you're referring to hollywood and epstein and all of that junk, I'm sure. Screw hollywood and their trashy culture, let it fall apart.

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some unbelievably smart ones too.

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Just ignore them. The best way to keep Saidit from being all about them is to post other types of content. Complaining about them accomplishes the opposite.

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too much power, not allowed to criticize them. huge problem.

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Do it the proper way then. Less of the online tin-foil hat stuff, more political and legal action.

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No u

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The voting system on reddit creates an echo chamber, I like not having it.

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I think censorship creates more of an echo chamber, but the voting creates an echo chamber within the echo chamber. It's basically a system where only approved speech can be uttered, while the most unpopular of approved speech gets downvoted. It's a method to keep pushing the conversation to a more narrow window.

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i like saidit system

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You get a light bulb and a stupid smiling face from me. If only there was Saidit gold. Nah, that's retarded.

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I particularly hated having to click on a heavily downvoted comment because it was automatically hidden. It strongly encouraged groupthink.

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The only decent downvote system I’ve seen is at Slashdot, where moderation points are allocated semi-randomly to users based on their activities on the site. There’s also a meta-moderation thing, where users rate the quality of the votes. It’s far more difficult to have the Reddit situation in which people downvote as disagreement or dogpile once they see a few votes already made.

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I agree although slashdot is a shell of it's former self. I had excellent karma for 20 years until I complained about China a few times. Now my karma is "bad". Good riddance.

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Agreed. I left for a few reasons.

  1. Shit ‘editors’ choosing stories with click bait potential over actually interesting stories.
  2. Shit ‘editors’ who wouldn’t even check for broken links let alone correct serious factual errors in story summaries.
  3. Terrible mobile site that even today is utterly shit. Want to reply to a comment, then get back to where you were in a long thread? Slashdot says NO!
  4. Annoying UI changes to the site that make it worse while ignoring the actual under-the-hood problems. Slashdot still doesn’t support UTF-8, meaning that anything but American English characters (e.g. £) gets rendered as escape sequences. Kind of embarrassing for a site that used to attract coders.
  5. Too many normies and a resulting decline in interesting technical stories.

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Eh, There are people who create 30 accounts, use them to mod each other up, and then use the flood of mod points to attempt to control the site. There used to be cabals of them, but the constant waves of far left propaganda drove off so many users that I don't know if anyone bothers any more.

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Some people have too much time on their hands and too little of value in their lives.

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Instead of downvotes, how about a "I respect your point of view but disagree" button? :)

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Also a "Blow it out your ass" button

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Your post is exactly how I think about the downvotes too. No need for double punishment.

In addition, I also think the up/down thing puts people in a judge-y mindset, like they're Caesar with the thumbs up/down thing. And I think that judging mindset seeps over and creates combative behavior and poor conversation.

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    The problem though is that when you get downvoted a lot, it sorts the comments so yours is at the bottom, then after even more downvotes it collapses the comment so people have to click it to see it. That means way less people are going to read it. So it limits the spread of what you're saying. That's why downvotes are censorship, in a lot of cases. It has little to do with feelings, but rather with the sorting mechanism.

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      No, you get points for being fun out of it. See? :-)

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      That's you, bud. If the world looks like it's laughing at you, that means you have problems, not the world.

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      don't see how downvotes are against free speech

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      I don't think down-votes inherently are against free speech, but they can be used as a tool to censor speech. On Reddit, people would down-vote comments that spoke the truth (that they didn't like, or was against the narrative), into oblivion. This pushed the information all the way down and prevented others from seeing it, and studies have also been conducted showing how the first few votes on a post matter - if the first few votes on a post or comment are negative, the next user to come across it is more likely to down-vote it without even reading according to the studies that were done.

      In this sense, people can use down-votes nefariously as a tool for censorship and creating an echo-chamber.

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      not true, ive been banned from some communities here and some of my comments are deleted,

      its better than reddit, but not completely free speech

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      Which ones? Why were you banned?

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      There were a bunch of feminists who arrived a few weeks ago after a ban wave. They learned nothing. They immediately started banning and deleting anyone who disagreed with them. It's sad, honestly.

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      Exactly. I couldn't agree more. Hiding responses serves no good purpose and only discourages unpopular speech. If something is crappy or uninformative, just ignore it and let it sit at the bottom.

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      The only problem with it, is that it only functions if every user looks at every post.

      Controversial opinions still get lost amid a sea of upvoted partisan titles - and you're right, it can feel like "it was dumb" to post something, but that may not be entirely true. It may also cause other users to look at something and ignore it, because it has no upvotes yet. Meaning controversial things fall into the bucket of 1/0 posts (spam, clickbait, etc) - and can't even be zeroed in on anymore.

      tldr: at least downvotes establish controversial posts and they can be searched for easily. Here they get swept away with spam/click and other un-voted content.

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      its like on voat too... they whahhh you dont like downvotes cause your some kind of pussy. no dvotes put restriction on you there

      and a small group of people can kill an starting account

      i fought against it, and got banned... 1000 cpps dropped fast... nope totally organic right. fuck that site

      i gave thata fucker many many many ideas, ignored... but they have chat back with spammy games, whith the reason they shut it down in the first place

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      Don't tell me the funny button isn't a sort-of downvote as well (depending on context). If I see a serious post with 2/3 funny votes I see that as the post being downvoted.

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      It's not a downvote. Clicking funny still upvotes the comment in the discussion.

      Jeez you reddit users really hate having your "I hate you" button removed, eh?

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      Maybe, but it still gives.... ahem, "karma" of sorts to the poster. Both buttons are truly about giving points.

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      Being hidden after so many downvotes was pretty annoying honestly, but there were additional consequences on reddit. Being banned on certain subreddits that required a certain karma level, and possibly shadowbanned at all. Also, it killed your ability to respond by limiting you when you get bombarded. I hate that kind of dogpiling BS! And the smug people who do it think you're the sensitive one when you bring up how it goes against so called "reddiquette". If it were just a simple agree/disagree, I'd probably wear the downvotes like a badge of honor in some places.

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      Yes well there were some folks demanding to include these things. Also they wanted many posts removed from appearing because they did not want to be "forced" to view offensive language. Lets hope they left

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      And if you disagree you can always leave a comment explaining why

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      idk, I've seen some pretty dumb stuff with lots of "bulbs" and "laughs" on here.

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      I get why people might feel that way, but personally I guess it never bothered me. I didn't use the site to get internet points so the idea of losing them didn't bother me.