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    I think it is working as intended. This is just a ploy by them to further turn the screws.

    Furthermore, we know that "toxicity" is not the reason they are banning these subreddits. They are banning subreddits that are against the SJW cult ideology; Trump supporters, dissident rightists, rightists in general, anybody pro-white, classical liberals, gender-critical feminists. You can say that these groups have an "edgier" sense of humor than other groups but only because their views are against the prevailing narrative. Some of those subreddits like r/DebateAltRight had extremely strict moderation and generally cordial discussion; the ultimate reason it was banned was purely ideological and nothing to do with how "toxic" the comments were.

    I don't want people to get complacent. If censorship didn't work, they wouldn't do it. Imagine the popularity of "forbidden" ideas today if they hadn't been ruthlessly purged from reddit, youtube, facebook and others. AI algorithms are coming and are going to do a far better job of moderating forbidden thoughts the moment they appear. They'll scour sites like saidit and effectively purge any thoughts on mainstream sites that look anything like e.g. what I've typed here. Censorship works, and it must be stopped.

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    Re-reading 1984 and I’m just at a total loss as to how we’ve let ourselves get to this point.

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    That was because it was giving a platform to hate-filled ideology.

    Reddit let it exist for years but they kept breaking rules promoting hate. I guess that's pretty hard considering its genocide is in the alt-right playbook.

    This is all archived and easily backed up. Stop lying about the past.

    For The_Donald, Their #1 rule was banning any form of dissenting opinions for years before they were forced to change it. Anyone who questioned trump ideology was banned with troll reasons like "get gud", "libtard mad." or "SJW"

    The moment they were banned from Reddit they changed their website's first rule to banning dissenting opinions again. It still is like this now so tell me if it bothers you when the right-wing communities censor and ban dissent.

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    That was because it was giving a platform to hate-filled ideology.

    The word "hate", in this context, is used specifically to demonize anti-egalitarian thought. It doesn't really have anything to do with the emotion of hatred. In your case you've searched the archive for the worst examples, and only your first example shows any sign of expressing the emotion of hatred (comparing non-whites to animals) - I agree this post should be removed, but it's hardly representative of right-wing ideology. Banning entire communities on the back of posts like this is open to abuse which we know is rampant.

    Reddit let it exist for years but they kept breaking rules promoting hate. I guess that's pretty hard considering its genocide is in the alt-right playbook.

    The rules against promoting "hate" are really egalitarian dogma; if you look at any site's terms of service the rules against "hate" are simply a long list of identities and how you basically can't generalize them negatively (and effectively therefore, not positively either). It doesn't prevent a long screed about how much you literally hate Donald Trump, or how you hate Nazis so much you want to punch them. Since left-wing thought is egalitarian, and right-wing thought is anti-egalitarian, rules against "hate" are explicitly the exact kind of ideological censorship I was talking about.

    For The_Donald, Their #1 rule was banning any form of dissenting opinions for years before they were forced to change it. Anyone who questioned trump ideology was banned with troll reasons like "get gud", "libtard mad." or "SJW"

    The moment they were banned from Reddit they changed their website's first rule to banning dissenting opinions again. It still is like this now so tell me if it bothers you when the right-wing communities censor and ban dissent.

    The_Donald is an outpost of right-wing thought in a sea of leftist censorship. Don't forget the degree to which Trump supporters were censored on reddit; simply posting on The_Donald was enough to get banned from other subreddits. I think if we can't have free and open discussion, we should at least have censorship going both ways. If one side is doing the majority of the censorship, and the other clings to free speech alone, that asymmetry will mean the censors win.

    There is also a matter of what is being censored. If pornography is censored, as on saidit, I don't mind at all. Or if opposition to Donald Trump on a forum dedicated to his supporters is censored, I can at least understand. But when factual statements ("hate facts") are banned from discussion on an ostensibly neutral "politics" subreddit, or when an ostensibly neural platform bans entire groups or unpersons people because of their politics (you can't even praise certain people on Facebook), we're talking full-on malicious, dishonest, ideological censorship of ideas that are extremely popular among the general public like covid-skepticism or anti-immigration. That's a whole other level to censorship that eclipses anything communities like The_Donald have done.

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    Or if opposition to Donald Trump on a forum dedicated to his supporters is censored, I can at least understand

    Agreed. I have no problem with one-sided communities where we know the default position is biased. There you can see the range of opinions on that side, in their natural habitat. They're useful as a point of reference for debate at least.

    Debate should of course be welcome, perhaps in a separate forum that doesn't derail the original community because of numbers. That's what r/GenderCritical and r/GCdebatesQT did (both are now on saidit for supposed "hate" since the purge). I would have hoped that debate spaces like that where contentious opposition is expected to happen should at least remain, even if it is an ideology you disagree with like r/debateAltRight.

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    Censorship is the prelude to genocide. Unironically.

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    there was only an 18% decrease in "toxic comments"

    i read somewhere on the intermoweb that 95% of people will die of something, if they live long enough.

    i believe it.

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      abraham lincoln, is he the one that started

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      It's no surprise they are using SJW programming like masstagger. The constant "you post in x, you are garbage" type of comments have become the norm on reddit.

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      My favorite was getting caught for commenting in r\smuggies and being dismissed and then just linking memes from \r\smuggies saying nearly word-for-word what they posted earlier.

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      They have been banning lots of users, including those who had upvoted "wrongthing". There will be a reduction of users, so that they will be left with only those users that they deem "non-toxic".

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      They've been banning users? Wow, so they literally went and did what Bardfinn asked for in this post. LMAO, and people were asking if Bardfinn secretly works for Reddit. It seems to me like Reddit actually works for Bardfinn nowadays.

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      It is a very common tactic to manufacture a demand that you do the thing you want to do so that you don't suffer any backlash or take any responsibility for doing it. For example, Reddit wants to ban a particular sub but they know they would get backlash for censorship. So first they create a few fake accounts that demand that Reddit ban the sub. Reddit announces they don't do that kind of thing. Then they use those fake accounts to attack Reddit for not doing anything. Then Reddit "capitulates" and does it. Then to tie it all up they create some more fake accounts to explain to anyone who is upset with Reddit that they only did it because of public outcry and so the people can only be angry with the nameless, faceless mob and not with Reddit; even though clearly Reddit controls everything.

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      So first they create a few fake accounts that demand that Reddit ban the sub.

      I don't know if they need fake accounts for that. Seems to me like there's plenty of volunteer censors in AHS that have nothing better to do all day then to track down shit they supposedly don't want to see anyway (though I personally think they honestly get off tracking down and watching it), and then neg Reddit to have it removed. AHS and QAH really seem to enjoy this game of whack-a-mole with their ideological enemies. I guess it gives them a sense of purpose, and they actually get a rush or a high out of the powertrip of censoring people. It is for this reason that I don't think bots are necessary. Too many controlfreaks on Reddit who truly get off on being censors and controlling the speech of others. Bardfinn wouldn't be where he is today if there weren't thousands of other Bardfinns all over Reddit.

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      No need to wait for someone to actually demand you do the thing you want to do when it is trivial for you to manufacture that demand. And this is hardly unique to Reddit. All those conservative speakers who get banned from speaking at colleges because of "threats" or Antifa showing up were actually banned because the college administrators are leftists. That is why those same administrators will tell the cops to stand down and let Antifa terrorize participants and damage property.

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      What's QAH?

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      QAH =

      It's one of the /r/AgainstHateSubreddits sistersubs. They do all the things that /r/AHS is notorious for: creating blacklists of subreddits they want to take down, organizing brigades, doxxing wrongthinkers, etc.

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      Bardfinn is a garbage human whatever it's pronouns are.

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      I think he's part of a generation of obnoxious arrogant online nerds from the 1980s and 1990s - you know, the obnoxious "RTFM" crowd, the "I'm smart so I deserve to take advantage of people who are less smart than me" Fortune 500 symbol manipulators before the .com bubble burst - who became redundant in the age of visual media and what he's doing on Reddit right now is a kind of The Nerds' Revenge for him. All these "Nazis" he's targeting are just dumb teenagers being subjected to a form of psychological algorithmic manipulation unlike anything his generation ever experienced during the nascent civilian internet. That's why he's particularly gleeful about targeting younger people like the /r/detrans mods who are all literally half his age, those girls that run /r/detrans could've been his own daughters. Bardfinn hates these kids, not because they are "transphobes" or "Nazis" but because they make him feel old and irrelevant. These male midlifers with a midlife crisis that want to become women don't actually want to appropriate womanhood, they only want to appropriate youth because these narcissistic nerds are psychic vampires that never grew up and never want to grow old. It's about infantilism and a refusal to grow up rather than femininity.

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      I guess rape apologists are part of that non-toxic group of users.

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      Yep! It’s okay to hate someone on the basis of how they were born if it’s a woman.

      Even better if youre hating A woman who’s trying to protect her sex based rights.

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      Are you the real coocksmasher69?

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      Do they ban voting behavior?

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      Yes, and when you visit the page of the banned user you don't see a message that he was banned, but a message that this page doesn't exist. Cancel culture at its best.

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      WE fOcUs On LaNgUaGe tHaTs HaTeFuL.

      Yeah... Apparently it's hateful to say that women are women instead of vagina havers, and also hateful to say that men who wear makeup and heels are not women. Oh, but men who say they're women are apparently women. 1984 in 2020.

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      I got banned for saying that as a lesbian I am not into penis. I got banned for what is pretty much the definition of being lesbian. I basically got banned for being a lesbian on Reddit.

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      Doesn't surprise me tbh but just try to remember that alot of subs especially the ones around anything related to sex/gender or LGB stuff on that website is run by a bunch of porn sick men dressing as women.

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      It’s so sad to see what has become of Reddit and the left in general lately.

      They weren’t always like this. It’s a very recent phenomenon. It used to be that free speech went hand-in-hand with liberalism and that conservatives were the bad guys who wanted to censor everything. It’s really only been in the last decade or so that I’ve watched the tables turn and witnessed the left become the bad guys.

      I blame the zoomers for this paradigm shift. It’s tragic to see what has become of “my people.” I used to proudly proclaim myself as a liberal but now I hesitate. I can’t tolerate censorship and lies.

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      Agree completely. I feel so politically homeless.

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      I think a bunch of us are another new political group that just has no name yet because we haven't really found each other yet.

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      "Liberal" to me still means "live and let live". This is something different.

      Conservatives used to be the ones operating through collective dogma with the church. Now it seems they've changed sides on that.

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      So when you know a ban wave is coming just tell everyone to change their nomenclature

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      This is self censorship retard

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      Go ahead, explain how euphemisms are a form of censorship.

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        WTF you talking about? You morons can't help but get banned, no matter how hard it is to get banned you find a way. You welcome it, then you cry a river of crocodile tears about "freedom speech". "againstfemalerights" – see, nothing you say is worth saying. The power of speech is wasted on people like you who just end up chattering incomprehensibly like apes.

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        Idiotic comment.

        "If you"re not saying wrongthink you don't have to worry about censorship!"

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        That's not what I said though. So your comment is a redundant one.

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        You deserve to get the death sentence

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        I don't live in a country that has a death sentence. I live in a civilised country.

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        You live in a country made by steins with usury

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        Canada isn't civilized it's just full of drug addled pussies.

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        I don't know whether you're confusing Canada with Mexico or the US. But no, I'm I wasn't talking about Canada.

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        You don’t think putting male rapists with functioning dicks in women’s prisons is against female rights? You think women should be banned for voicing such concerns? How woke. 2 woke cookies for you.

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        You replied to the wrong person.

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        The bannings shall continue until morale improves.

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        "We believe in the power of community; where a small group of individuals (us) may be wrong, a larger group has a better chance of getting it right."

        In other words, get in line, follow the herd. Oh you disagree with the mainstream political position that we have curated over the years? You have an idea of how to do something different? You want to make decisions and hold opinions in your personal life that affect nobody else, but aren't inline with what we decided is best? Screw you.

        Collectivism sucks.

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        "We believe in the power of community; where a small group of individuals (us) may be wrong, a larger group has a better chance of getting it right."

        "We asked our fellow progressive cronies and interns and they agreed with us. "

        Wow. Huge shock there.

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        They gotta go big; to go broke.

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        That's what I don't understand, how do they think they benefit from creating an echo chamber where you can only think and behave as they consider appropriate? Because that sounds boring as shit to me.

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        They are trying to force govt intervention and additional censorship.

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        Absolute muppets.

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        No different to saidit!

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        IP2 didn't deserve what it got

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        What do you mean?

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        Saidit censors people like u/bald-janitor

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        Eventually they’ll purge all wrongthink and then reddit will basically be a cable news channel. Only approved opinions allowed.

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        They're trying to make the entire internet like cable tv.

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        If anything, they're annihilating their own user base. I'm here because I just got a 3-day ban on my Reddit account.

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        "No reddit, you are the toxicity."

        And then reddit was the toxicity.

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        I got some comment removed because it contained the word "ape", which apparently is hateful now. Its context was about someone aping someone else, as in copying by observation.

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        Clearly, they need to up the ante. Turn that censorship knob up to 11.

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        where a small group of individuals (us) may be wrong, a larger group has a better chance of getting it right.

        What bullshit. It's still a small group of individuals dictating what's acceptable for everyone. It's just a slightly different small group.

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        It's become a bunch of porn sick, mentally ill trannies dictating what's acceptable tbh

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        Humans really are very stupid in general. They actually believe that trying to force people to shut up will force them to change their views to the "right" ones. It reminds me of idiots I've had on my Facebook friends list who got mad at something political I said, blocked me, then changed their mind and re-added me. They did so attempting to teach me a "lesson" that I can't hold certain political views/opinions, yet I made sure when they came back to IMMEDIATELY re-iterate whatever it was they tried forcing me to change.

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        I used to be a member of groups on Facebook where such pathetic control-freak SJWs became more and more frequent and more vocal overtime. Once they tried to get me blocked for using the term trannie, then they had a change of heart (because SJW are erratic and unpredictable like that) and decided to give me another chance, but I thanked them and politely told them to GTFO, because I certainly wasn't gonna return to their group knowing that they have a bunch of easily triggered SJW trannie snitches reporting everything I say to the mods to get me banned. Then there was this other group I was a member of, where an artsy fartsy SJW from Goldsmiths snubbed me for refusing to go along with that nonsensical Youtube radicalization pipeline theory (which has been completely debunked), saying I was "white shitposting" - I didn't even know what the hell that phrase mean, I understand now that it's a passive-aggressive SJW term for accusing someone of being a racist. Apparently refusing to go along with a claim that has already been debunked makes me a "racist", whatever. Instead of engaging that Goldsmiths asshole, I blocked their group and blocked them all individually as well. Never regretted it. Such people are trash and you shouldn't let them waste your time.

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        They'll do it again, and more frequently. The suits will see 18 percent reduction as a W...

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        Way to go bankrupt, you eggheads.

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        I've noticed the discussion on r/conservative has gotten a lot more based in the last couple months. It's probably on the chopping block soon.

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        When anything gets too spicy they put up their "Conservatives Only" requirement and that keeps some of the spergs at bay. They also ignore your verification request if you're a little to spicy in your comment history.

        [–]hfxB0oyA 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child)


        [–]slushpilot 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        Please change all references of "blacklist" to "deny list" or else you're a racist.

        [–]joewest1313 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        "While I would love that number to be 100%, I'm encouraged by the progress."

        Sycophants doing their masters work.

        [–]Yahooisnolongermyfav 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)

        Hi. I m having trouble with this site I can t find out how to create a new thread, and there s nobody in the chat to help.

        How can I post a new thread with an account which is fairly recent?

        [–]Immortallogic 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        You just did... Three dots in the top right and click 'reply'. If you want to create a post go to the three dots on the top right in a subs page and click submit... Then it gives you the option for a link or image or text.

        [–]ISaidWhatISaid[S] 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

        Where would you like to post a new thread? Unless it's a manually moderated sub (like mine is, I have to first approve every single post by hand), you should be able to post a thread in any sub you want.

        [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        In my browser the submit new link/text post buttons are at the bottom of the page and to finalize your post you have to click on the input box for the sub's name you want to post to and hit the return/"go" button. It's a little wonky but totally workable.