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    Wow I didnt know kamala actually hired people to be dumber than her on the internet.

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    Reddit is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, therefore what they do matters because it effects hundreds of millions of people directly, and billions indirectly. It is also needs to be constantly reiterated that they are corrupt biased propagandists because their propaganda is far more effective when people think the content is user generated, grass roots, or otherwise free.

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    i am a moderator of a not very active subreddit.. i am the only moderator of this sub.. i just posted a link to a bitchute video.. it was automagically "removed", and i am unable to approve it.

    saidit could implement an agressive bot program that would post images that contain a watermark of "" and then just slam that shit all over reddit..

    like seriously, fk fk reddit.

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      Reddit is only good for porn and pot growing tips anymore. As a news/discussion site they died long ago.

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      Yeah just wait until they bring politics and critical race theory into your pot community.

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      some of the more niche smaller tech related ones are useful and have helpful people in them because the only topics on them are related to the subject (i.e linux gaming and VFIO) but it's a horrible site overall

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      Reddit is only good for trolling. The people on that website have their minds made up. Why are we surprised at any of this anymore?

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      There was a post on the front page today that said people visiting reddit found a "diverse" range of news....

      Its actually neolib propoganda and anti-woman news, solely.

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      If your goal is to change opinions, I wouldn't discount reddit. Although certain ideas encounter a strong pushback, one thing people often don't realize is that downvoted comments get attention. People want to see what got downvoted. And not everyone is brave, or foolish, enough to jump into a conversation with mass opposition, but that doesn't mean that some of those lurkers reading it won't be swayed.

      I know personally one of the ideas I've had some success with is the notion that Bill Cosby got fucked over by court. Although a generally unpopular notion, I have seen people agree with my points.

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      reddit is a hub for serial killers and pedos, for real..

      several of the ladies that have their pics posted at /r/bdsm are not willing participants, they have been kidnapped.

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      The downvotes probably all come from bots anyways.

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      Time for an antitrust lawsuit. Reddit and YouTube need to be sued out of existence for anti-competitive practices.

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      Lots of love for saidit in that thread.

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      fuck reddit

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      Reddit banned me permanently for providing a generic link to G-TV, which is a site like Youtube. No warning, no strike.

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      I saw link-posts to Bitchute being blocked a year ago already. What changed now?