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Liveleak has a bunch. They are being deleted everywhere though. I tried to find the store owner in Dallas that got curb stomped and the elderly women protesting her store who got beat with a 2x4 in broad daylight and couldn't find either.

Last I heard the BLM riots had killed 40 peopled but that was 6+ months ago.

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Deleted from YouTube of course....

Disgusting censorship

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Colion Noir (footage from Kenosha BLM Riot (Kyle Rittenhouse shooting) showing destruction of car lots, burning down businesses, hitting a business owner with a brick, and trying to push a burning dumpster into a gas station):

Portland BLM shooting Patriot Prayer in the back:

That same group cheering for the death:

BLM attacking two store owners trying to stop them from destroying their store front:

BLM stoning a passerby and then stomping on him when he goes down:

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YouTube wants to erase history, because history disagrees with them. They want to change facts, because facts disagrees with them.

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Big tech pulled off the real coup.

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Here is one of the best videos on this subject.

American Diversity Is A Zero-Win Game