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"Because they are new, we lack scientific certainty about whether they have any long-term negative effects, but as yet there is no reason to think that they will..."

Good fucking God.

Just do a basic search of adverse reactions by time with all vaccines. Do the same thing with death. Look at what happens in 2021. We have no reason to believe there are negative effects??!!!

Fucking Christ, people, what does it take to say, "Huh, maybe this isn't like any 'vaccine' we've ever seen"?

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It's worth a reasoned discussion at least.

The vaccines likely saved a lot of lives among the elderly, but is that also true in younger populations? I suspect there is a line where the risk-benefit could go the other way—It's my understanding that sickness & mortality from COVID-19 is very low in children, and vaccine adverse effectw being worse among the young.

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I am mystified at what has changed. The sharp break in 2021's numbers - more than 5,000 deaths are now recorded as being associated with the covid therapies in the first 6 months; the next highest total in the entire database comes with polio vaccines, which altogether yield ~1,400 deaths over a much longer period of usage - suggests we have abandoned the concept that the first priority of care is to "do no harm". It seems our current crew of public health officials feels themselves confident simply to balance their killing against the killing of the virus, in other words, "well, we kill less than it does, so we're still okay."

This is just the first 6 months. If there is this much death and illness associated with these therapies out of the box, there is no reason whatsoever to expect they will prove themselves safer over longer trial periods.

The step-function break in the vaers data for 2021 relative to all years prior in the database indicates a profound philosophical shift in perspective for what drug companies (who are behind this change) consider a "safe" product. The man on the street hears only the propaganda that "It's Safe!" when these data (easily available, but absolute silence about them in the primary media) tell us a foundational change has taken place in what we should expect the word "safe" to mean.

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Keep in mind this is also the first time in history that a broad vaccination program has been implemented right in the middle of an active pandemic. So it is possible that the numbers we are seeing are muddled together with that. (Adverse effects will include people who get infected during the course of vaccination. It's going to be hard to separate.)