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Chipit - you're again conflating points in these arguments. None of this applies to the question. You seem not to know or want to know about any of this. Should I explain? Two of your links are taken out of context from other subs where I am not a mod. One of your links an example where I confront someone about their aggression, as mods can do. It's OK. And then you have factual errors: no there aren't "many other insults and violations". No there is no "hardcore hate of J. Dore" that relaes to anything. My disagreement with Dore or you or anyone else is not "hardcore hate". You apply here constant emotional reactions to what I write, as if you're a victim, whereas I am merely disagreeing. (This too is OK; it's not hate. People can argue.) And your other note here is that I am attacking someone and that I am a "nazi" or whatever. Really, Chipit.

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Two of your links are taken out of context from other subs where I am not a mod.

They are personal insults and in clear violation of Saidit TOS. This happens often from the socks account. Did one of the other people who posts under this social media influencer account write those?

So, when people criticize AOC, it's hate. When Jimmy Dore criticizes the left, he's a nazi. But you are capable of disagreement.

Everyone see why this user has no problem with censorship - as long as he/she/zir is the one doing it?

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No Chipit - none of this is related to the question about duplicate posts or the banning of a mod. It's that simple. Moreover, no one censored you. Removing a duplicate post helps you show more of your other posts on the /s/politics front page.

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You abused your moderator powers to remove a Jimmy Dore video just hours after stating in public how much you hate Jimmy Dore and that he's basically a nazi.

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No Chipit - for reasons already discussed.