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/u/magnora7, maybe it's time to reclaim the reigns of SaidIt chat.

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You guys could duel it out with each other in a free-for-all slander war.

Anything goes.

IDK. Could be interesting.

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Could be tedious.

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I have no idea what happened here, but I unbanned you from chat

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Why do you guys have to fight? There are plenty of idiots roaming the halls here now that want to turn this place into reddit. Seems to me that is where your aggression should be pointed. Train those idiots, then you can get back to your little chat spat.

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Classic man-off.

Two guys get in a fight over who's the better man. The trouble is every man has their own personal definition of what makes a good man. They either argue forever or both leave thinking they've won.

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Can it be a bro-down though? Pretty accurate.

I'm interested in hearing what you think about a fem-battle?

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A woman-off you don't notice until there's blood on the walls.

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Haha true.

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That overfed slug was telling people I was a pedophile. I told him as a punishment I was going to give him shit for no more than three years.

He is simply upset with the consequences of his actions.

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Because he's gone against your moral code of what makes a good man but he hasn't crossed his own so he thinks you are being unreasonable.

He ain't going to change now.

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You have a point, but it's not purely an abstract grievance I have. Spreading lies for character assassination works all too often. Not so much here at Cheers, where everybody knows your name, but it probably would have been effective on Reddit.

I don't want to try to make him a better human being, I agree with you I can't change the old swine's spots, but I feel owned retribution. He is well aware of the terms I mentioned and why it's happening. This is just him trying to weasel out of the consequences of his actions. Another tactic, he's playing dumb and innocent.

You don't even have to win a fight all the time, you just have to make it not worth it for the other guy to hit you in the first place.

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Precrime? Pre-cum is way more likely: sensable in the interference-patters of your personal simulations.

Maybe just turn down the loudness in your circlejerk-two-player-mode-simulation or even better: the rpm, so to say.