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The deplatforming needs to happen. We must get a new alternative economy up and running with alt tech, and this alt tech must be intolerant of jews.
Jews own all the platforms that kick us out so do not ever tolerate them in your lives. Jesus called them sons of the devil, their father.

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I agree with the part about deplatforming and alt-tech, but not about Jews. I'm critical of the Israeli state, especially their actions towards the Palestinians, but saying we should ban Jews is just as dumb as saying we should ban all Americans for the corrupt actions of the US Government.

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You are cucked and bluepilled. Go read up on the ownership of the media, banks, social media, movies, hollywood, US government (they are all zionists and jews), etc.
Then read up on history. It is FULL of anti semitism and guess why? It is not because all of our ancestors were awful people, but because our ancestors experienced exactly what we are experiencing.

Jews adhere to a religion where they are Gods chosen people and WE ARE CATTLE to be used and exploited by them. They are as racist as it comes. Never trust a jew. Never ever.

You need to educate yourself. Did you come from reddit? Who owns reddit? You can start there. You might think you shouldn't be "racist" towards them, but they literally don't care about you.

Who do you think Michael Jacksons song was about? "They don't really care about us" who is THEY?
And who censored his lyrics? What words were removed from his song? Look it up and now you know why they destroyed him.

No matter where you look, it is always jews.

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Bro have you ever once met a jew before?They aren't all like this and what you post is far from the truth.Here's a website that shows the top 50 billionaires in the world. Also the top 20 lobbyists?0 are israeli It's also pretty odd how every religion saids that their group is God's chosen yet the only one where you seem to have a problem with is jews?Why?What about the muslims that think non muslims are superior or the Christians that think anyone who doesn't accept jesus is a demon worshipper that's going to hell?

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If an anti-semite asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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Jews adhere to a religion where they are Gods chosen people and WE ARE CATTLE to be used and exploited by them

This might interest you

I know reddit is for fags but this particular post might be something you'd be interested in. Kyle Odom's manifesto might be of interest to you too if you're ever bored.

Also, just curious, if a jew asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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Most Jews I've met are atheists without fail. The exceptions tend to be right wing as fuck.

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ALL jews are atheists.
a-theist = without God
Jews belong to Satan, not God, hence they are without God, they are atheists.

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The issue isnt that all Jews are bad, it's that there is a segment of them that are, that coordinate with each other to achieve their aims, and who wield massively disproportionate power without scrutiny or criticism. It is this group that has led the mass censorship and deplatforming the last few years, and who have created a system where this is not only acceptable, but considered mandatory if you want to partake in society. They aggressively go after perceived critics, using their vast wealth, lobbying and media power to achieve their aims.

I wish it wasnt that way, but it is what it is. Downplaying the problem only makes it worse. Those very few Jews that openly acknowledge it and discuss probably do more to disarm "anti-semitism" than a thousand ADLs. In fact the ADL actively makes the problem worse, probably by design since they literally make their living off of anti-semitism, real and imaginary.

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It isn't something Jewish people as a whole present to outsiders - the idea of Kofer or Atheist Jewish People and the litany of problems arriving from some of them for the world and faithful Jewish people.

I wonder if us on the outside don't hear about this because Kofer are the ones in positions to make their voice heard: and suppress Orthodox messaging. Just look at the horrid and bigoted "Unorthodox" Netflix series.

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I have failed my society as a man. I must make the jews seem responsible for this!


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So it is a cohencidence that they happen to own everything and spearhead every effort to destroy alternate communication platforms? Funny how you people willingly ignore the constant bullshit they unleash upon the world.

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Ever heard of a concept called nepotism?

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Seems like running and owning everything might be expected of a superior race, n'est-ce pas?

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Not if you run everything into the ground after using guilt tripping, corruption and nepotism to get yourself in power. Lets face it, every country where they've been the dominant power turned into a nightmare for the vast majority of people. It's a pretty grim track record. Just look at what's happened to Ukraine. If that's being superior I'd hate to see what you consider inferior.

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Yes. You didn't prove me wrong. Because what I say is true

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Funny how you didn't reply to my comment even though i proved you wrong.

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that is funny

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Different attack vector and scenario.

/u/Robin clearly owns and has registered the "" domain - yet somehow someone else has laid claim to it, thus jamming up the system.

There is a direct IP number to use, but the problem is being worked on. I'm in the WikiSpooks email list.

It might be time to create a movement to set up dozens of Semantic MediaWiki instances to mirror WikiSpooks. Robin has it set up so that anyone anywhere may download the entire site (I used to share as a torrent, and should again) and set it up themselves. We might need to streamline it to make it more automatic.


It would be a shame if Saddit went down and we didn't have a backup. I warned you all. /s/Cassy


I am paying for a VPS and domains, have an indie-server and the intention, but I also have a huge lack of I.T. skill. I am willing and committed to facilitate setting up a Movim instance on each, a couple Lemmy instances, YaCy instances, NextCloud instances, PeerTube, OAuth, IPFS, TOR, ZeroNet, Open VPN, email, etc etc etc.

And we could host our own CloudFlare-like filter system or whatever.

I can confidently say my local Windsor resistance communities are keen to provide the funds to pay a capable, experienced, professional, trustworthy admin to set these up, and occasionally help. No more flakes or sneaks. Give me your rates.

I'm busy for the next 2 days.

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What happened to Wikispooks?

[–]IMissPorn 8 insightful - 3 fun8 insightful - 2 fun9 insightful - 3 fun -  (6 children) is still up, perhaps intermittently under the strain DDoS attacks of woke hate mob, but it's holding its own as of this moment. You can't get rid of dedicated trolls by bullying one CDN. There are lulz to be had and cows to be milked!

[–]Cyb3r_08 8 insightful - 3 fun8 insightful - 2 fun9 insightful - 3 fun -  (4 children) now uses DDOS-GUARD to protect itself, so woke mob DDOS isn't a problem

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I did got at least one error trying to access it, just speculating has to the cause, but it does seem to be online more often than not.

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The above site was on Instagram advertising for Kiwifarms to be taken down because of anti-trans hate.

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Protected by cloudflare. Wouldn't you know. They've clearly chosen sides.

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It is a conspiracy of SJWS.

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This is a really interesting situation. If you look at the post that resulted in Cloudflare dropping KF, it was from a dormant account that was activated only to write a few low-effort posts before writing the bomb threat. When the bomb threat was posted, it was heavily downvoted and reported by KF users, and the user who posted the message was banned. Additionally, Taylor Lorenz and the rest of the mainstream media had articles ready to publish minutes after Cloudflare dropped KF.

I don't think Matthew Prince wanted to drop KF. He owns less than 10% of Cloudflare and is selling his remaining shares in the company quickly. I think Matthew Prince is one of the few remaining people in Big Tech who support free speech. I think this was all a setup from Cloudflare's controlling Blackrock-affiliated investors who want to push a woke agenda and make it hard to find the dirt on trans people KF has dug up so that their agenda is not harmed.

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Yes, cloudflare, the hosting company, and the domain registrar could all ban saidit. A hosting company tried to ban ruqqus once. I'd also expect another banwave on reddit coming soon.

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Ruqqus was hosted by Amazon AWS, a huge mistake for a free speech site.

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It was actually Heroku that banned it

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Is cloud flare on a banning spree?

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Maybe its not a bug. Maybe it is a feature ?

Or a patch-rollback from somewhere else?

Maybe some hardware-vendor. I know those all too well.

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we should be reasonably safe, and even if saidit does get banned from cloudflare, there's still the option of switching to another company that offers similar services

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What if they all do it?

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I guess every site is moving onto tor now.

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Censorship is the last resort of a dying ideology. It's over for them and they know it, but really they were doomed from the start. Objective reality will always reassert itself, it's omnipresent.

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We all said they were going to get nasty as they started realising they were losing power.

Be prepared for this kind of shit but don't be too worried.

They have lost the war, they are now fighting against that fact.

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I hope so because this site sux

But let's be realistic

The levels of death threats made on saidit is probably not high enough to satisfy this bar

Instead the one to watch will be, will Pelosi go against white house advice and ratify the senate's proposed law to instruct the secretary of state to label the ruzzia as a state supporter of terrorism.

You cannot run a website glorifying ISIS or al Qaida, spreading their propaganda magazines and videos. Because that would be against terror laws. And once the ruzzia is on that list, most of the crowd here will be breaking the same laws

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and yet, here you are. you should improve the site by leaving if it's so bad

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33% of Bidens administration is jewish.

Biden and Trumps grandchildren are both jewish. They are both zionists.

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oh no the bogeyan is out to get you!

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    The levels of death threats made on saidit is probably not high enough to satisfy this bar

    I have not seen any death threats or other illegal content on Kiwifarms. I'm sure whackos on FB probably take the number one spot for death threats but FB doesn't have these problems. This is retaliation by a particularly shitty tranny who is mad people say mean things about him.

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    Ironic comment considering your other account was banned for advocating the torture and murder of Tucker Carlson.

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    I dont know what it was banned for. The first thing I noticed was my home IP was blocked in cloudflare. Then when I could get in, the "reply" button wasn't there. The account still exists and you can view all the posts. And I have never ever written on either account about tucker carlson as far as I recall

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      [–]Drewski 4 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child)

      To be fair it's easy to mix up the shills and trolls around here.

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      There don't need to be any legit threats. It just requires some any means necessary a-hole to make something up.

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      Ok is that what you conclude from cloudflare's history: That, no need for legit threats, anyone making anything up - and cloudflare will pull your account. I don't think you can genuinely think that. Because people make things up all the time and this is only the third website cloudflare have done this to.

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      Unless cloudflare is run by idiots, it seems like what's happening is that they're cynically going for optics, using the accusations as an excuse. Perhaps for a smaller site that wasn't already targeted by those with power, such accusations wouldn't result in getting binned. The point is, you don't know. Their service is now a vulnerability.

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      What you're saying makes no sense when we consider that this is only the third time in their history that they're removed a user.

      They have many questionable customers. And lots of bad things get said about those questionable internet sites who nevertheless are allowed to use cloudflare.

      In fact probably like 99.999% of the questionable shit at cloudflare is allowed to stay up. And only 0.001% has been taken down, all three times because of murderish behavior

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      If we did suppose that cloudflare has a consistently applied policy that has only ever been infringed 3 times, it would seem quite a big coincidence that the infringing post was made on kiwifarms so shortly after cloudflare had posted a blog about the site.

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      It's not a coincidence at all,.nobody is saying that it's a coincidence

      Beginning approximately two weeks ago, a pressure campaign started with the goal to deplatform Kiwifarms. That pressure campaign targeted Cloudflare as well as other providers utilized by the site


      However, as the pressure campaign escalated, so did the rhetoric on the Kiwifarms site. Feeling attacked, users of the site became even more aggressive. Over the last two weeks, we have proactively reached out to law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions highlighting what we believe are potential criminal acts and imminent threats to human life that were posted to the site.

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      This is what he means, look at this timeline.

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      You're the guy who believes search result pages are information which you can source in an argument. No wonder you fell for another image macro.

      Here you are assuming that you and the kiwi admins are correct in the suspicion that you know what content cloudflare objected to. There's not even a tiny doubt that you might be wrong about which post a cloudflare exec saw in his private browsing?

      Cloudflare already said they had been in touch with cops multiple times about worrying content.

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      You're the guy who believes search result pages are information which you can source in an argument.

      I was trying to point you to some basic information gathering. There seems to be an issue at a basic level of you finding info and properly analyzing it. With a better technique you can improve your abilities, maybe, you might just be dumb.

      Here you are assuming that you and the kiwi admins are correct in the suspicion that you know what content cloudflare objected to. There's not even a tiny doubt that you might be wrong about which post a cloudflare exec saw in his private browsing?

      You're assuming the opposite and defending that stance with no evidence. 🤦‍♀️

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      I smell bullshit. They're incentivised to make a marketing story like that.

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      They have the same incentives all day every day but have only done it three times. That just doesn't make any sense. Why doesn't the same incentive apply to every other hate site?

      And what marketing have they done? Where do you see adverts like "sign up for cloudflare, because we kicked out kiwifarms"

      Now you're just making shit up

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      The people who want to prevent people communicating freely on sites like Kiwifarms are organised. The pressure exerted is not constant in time, nor aimed at everywhere at once.

      [–][deleted]  (3 children)


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        they were in the process of doxxing several people, ranging from Hunter Biden to mass shooters

        I've not been there but their wiki page says that they intend to cause and celebrate the suicides of the people that they dox, harass, and swatt.

        The deaths mentioned there amongst people who they targeted were from a transgender person, an two autistic people, one of whom was also non-binary.

        No mass murderers. Just people who are especially likely to be able to be harassed to suicide.

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        that they intend to cause and celebrate the suicides of the people that they dox, harass, and swatt

        You can't trust Wikipedia, or the media for that matter. The "lolcows," are their entertainment, in a way they're kinda huge fans of these people, just not for positive reason. I heard the founder was even trying to raise money for Chris Chan's legal defense before it came out that he raped his mother. Chris Chan is why Kiwifarms exists.

        Check it out for yourself, the thread addresses what's going on and absolutely nobody in the media cares to share the other side.

        Keffals hates women and is generally an awful person. Kiwifarms exposes that, that's what their crime is.

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        I use TOR for privacy and most of the time reports that it broke, that the str had no user in it.

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        This is a nice method of content discovery, I didn't know about this forum. Thanks, Cloudflare.

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        Aren't there some building projects in Egypt where we can send the Jews for awhile to get them out of our hair and pocket books, wallets, etc.?