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    Lol Damn I wish, I would LOVE to grow my own tomatoes or strawberries, or lettuce, or even potatoes.

    But unfortunately, I live in apartament and I don't have my own garden.:<

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    Don't eat goy food then

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    Welcome home.

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    Thanks, lol

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    Thats why most of us hang out here now. No, I don't get the same level of engagement for all of my obscure interests, but it's better than dealing with that bullshit from Reddit IMO

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    haha yea I have had about 20 reddit accounts. You literally say one thing about how it's unfair trans people get to smash all biological womens records and somehow pointing out reality is....checks notes....transphobic

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    I mean, if you don't feel welcome on a platform, leave.

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    Uh, I never said that?

    Stop acting like redditor, lol

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    You got banned 6 times and keep going back. It doesn't exactly sound like you fit in with their style of moderation. Why keep going back?

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    how does it work when you get a ban? I got a message saying my account got banned. but it didn't say I'm not allowed to create a new one.

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    Well, basically all my accounts are banned forever and If I try to create any new ones, these will be automatically permabanned as soon as I try making any posts because i'm IP tracked.

    You are allowed to create a new account even despise being banned, but it's pointless since you will be unable to even use them.

    Well....unless you know some tricks....

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    Reddit doesn't just track IPs. That's a silly way to do things, as most residential customers regularly have different IP addresses. They also do cookie checks and browser fingerprinting. You'll want to AT LEAST use a completely fresh browser.

    If you really think it's just an IP ban go pull free wifi from a Starbucks, a hipster coffee shop, or a college or something. I find the idea of getting such places IP banned to be kinda funny.

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    Well, I dunno really what annoying tactics Preddit use, but so far I usually managed to overcome them somehow.

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      That won't even work for me. Admins changed most of my passwords.

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      I have long suspected that when you access reddit, they know exactly who you are and they know your precise GPS coordinates and they know your phone number and they know your name they know your driver's license number they know everything.

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      Ah yes, I'm already aware of these methods.

      That's why I said it's already my 6th permaban, lol

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      Got it. This is my first one. I was on the app 16 years and they permabanned me for calling the mods of r/elonmusk "fucking nincompoops" lol. I am thinking I'm just gonna take a break for awhile, because these crusty fucks are looking for any reason to axe people who aren't part of the hive mind and I can't live like that.

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      Wow, 16 years on that retarted clown site and you are still sane?🤯

      Reddit is a fucking trainwreck, you are not allowed to have your own opinion there, you must be the part of the hivemind or else you are massively downvoted or permabanned by troon mods. I only used it for my favorite, niche fandom communities, because otherwise I'll have to use Discord or Tumblr.

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      Looking back on it I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did.. the stuff I got suspended over though was really chickenshit, it was totally apparent that assmins were looking for any excuse to cull the herd.

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      Reddit mods are, as a rule, some of the most pathetic examples of humanity around (seriously, almost nobody with a hint of a life worth living volunteers to be a clown wrangler otherwise). So the little bit of power that being a mod grants them, they cling to like its the only thing keeping them alive. Consequently, when someone like you comes along and expresses an opinion that threatens their Precious, they have to go straight to nuclear-level retaliation and destroy what would be--in their eyes, because they're terminally online--your most valuable asset: your Reddit account.

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      1000% right friend

      And don't forget those pathetic, troon mods do it completely for FREE, lol

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      troon mods do it completely for FREE, lol

      No, the troon mods do it because it gets them a position of control and authority where they're more readily able to interact with certain types of people that they otherwise wouldn't have access to; the so-called gold star lesbians and confused kids.

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      For sure. That's as good a summary of the issues as I've ever read. I'm in the process of seeing if I can get the reddit admins to release to me all the records of discipline they have against me, using GDPR rationale. I'd love to see what they said behind the scenes.

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      Wow, 16 years on that retarted clown site and you are still sane?

      *laughs the laugh of a prior mod to a few wrongthink subs*

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        G M E"

        Wait, for using a ticker symbol? That's the craziest thing I ever heard.

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        Although, maybe I should just give up on Peddit and just stop bothering, it's pointless.

        Though, I don't know where to go, I don't know any alternatives besides Saidit.

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        You could try going outside and making some friends who you actually see in person instead...

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        There's a subreddit devoted entirely to finding and talking about reddit alternatives. Sadly, none of them are a true match to the Reddit of old before it became a Antifa/BLM/CCP circlejerk, but some capture elements of it.

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        Yeah, there's sadly no actual alternatives for Preddit. Though, I'm still grateful something like Saidit exists

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        For any sane discussions about anything "important" saidit has you covered.

        But yeah for video game memes, reddit is king.

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        Like I said, you can check out the subreddit "redditalternatives" to see what I'm talking about. I found this site through that, because before my ban there I saw which way the winds were blowing and wanted a couple options available.

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        I had my two accounts that I had been using for years. Permabanned within 24 hours. Just because I said "we used to put people claiming to be Napoleon or Jesus in mental institutions" ;-)

        They are so fucking sensitive. Except when it comes to mutilating genitalia XDDDDDDDD

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          That's so fucking ridiculous.

          Being permabanned from the entire site for just ONE "controversial" post is fucking overreaction, no other website is doing shit like this. Even at fucking Discord they at least give you multiple warnings and chances before removing you permanently from the server, but even then you are not banned from the entire Discord.

          I wish Reddit would get their shit together like Twitter and remove all the tranny mods who abuse their "power".

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          I always say what I think, in the last two days I've had 5 accounts banned for commenting on title 42.