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This is why I stopped using Twitter. I wonder if they would have have touched his account if he provided link to the whole research and therefore proving his "belief" with legit facts. I bet it wouldn't have happened if the President said that though; what the President has to say "has to be heard" according to Twitter. Twitter is no longer an unbiased platform, it has become a tool for propaganda. Does anyone know a good alternative to Twitter?

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Probably only after huge backlash. Too little too late, they just swing that banhammer around however they want. No one company needs that much control over the national conversation

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Yeah twitter is too big for its own good. I don't use it anymore. One random company should not have so much sway over who is "allowed" in the public conversation, and who isn't.

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While I'm against censorship on social media I don't give a shit about him.

I'm a transgender MTF and I almost killed myself because of his stupid ideology calling being transgender "autogenephilia".

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    I wanted to kill myself not because "wah there's someone who doesn't like me wah"(I couldn't care less what people think about me) but rather because according to his retarded theory I'm some kind of mentally ill freak that has a fetish for wanting to be female and that was the first thing about transgender people I read cause I didn't know anything before that.

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      Yeah I agree. But on top of that, its special treatment. Either nobody is open to criticism or everybody is. Dont blog about evil white men then virtue signal about transphobia.

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      What's so bad about autogynephilia? You're disparaging autogynephiles than most people do transgender people.

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      I think the problem here might be similar to Freud's thoughts on "phallic whatsits" and mothers: generalising from (what we can joke about being) personal experience, resulting in categorisations of people in ways that are useless for helping them and, in fact, instead cause more harm than good.

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      Is there a summarized version of his research?