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So well said.

Research gives you an understanding of the system, how it works, and how to identify problems. Once problems are identified, solutions can be planned. This is an empowering process, even when the majority doesn't see it but you do. Moving towards a solution just feels good, letting the problem be your guide does not.

I do enjoy your posts and have gleaned insight from them, though I often don't take the time to comment. Thanks for putting information out there!

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Great post. I see it like a giant mystery that almost no one has solved, but that affects us all. I love solving puzzles.

At some point, every piece of human cultural knowledge goes from being known by a few to being common knowledge. I just hope by digging up the deeper truths about this world and making them known, I can help do my part to help upgrade the world's culture, even if it's just a tiny part.

We're each just one human being. But we're also each 1/7,600,000,000th of a gigantic global cultural machine. And if we all take that seriously and act like that, then the machine changes and can become a tool used with focus and intent, rather than a collection of desires used to control us.