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Since things are getting ugly in Palestine, I think knowing exactly who is running things is important.

Despite a lot of people thinking that the Roths are the ones who own that place, the title King of Jerusalem currenly belongs to Felipe.

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Who do you think created that distinction the first place? Please read the following selections, I found them just to show you:

Spain engaged in negotiations with the financiers Nathan Rothschild and James Rothschild. They bailed out the Spanish liberal regime, with Great Britain also supporting it on its last stage

The 1823 intervention of a reactionary international alliance, the Sacred Alliance, restored Ferdinand VII on the Spanish throne, but the Bourbon king refused to assume the debt incurred by the 1820-1823 liberal rulers with the Rothschilds based in London and Paris. For more than a decade, the pending liberal debt became for Ferdinand VII's negotiators a persistent sticking point with these financiers during talks for new loan requests.

Cea Bermudez's centrist government (October 1832-January 1834) inaugurated a period of opening and return to Spain of many exiles in London and Paris, e.g. Juan Álvarez Mendizabal (born Méndez). The rise of Cea Bermudez was followed by a closer collaboration and understanding with the Rothschilds, who in turn clearly encouraged the former's reforms and liberalization, i.e. the new liberal regime and the incorporation of Spain to the European financial system.[4] However, with state coffers yet again empty, the impending war, and the Trienio Liberal loan issue with the Rothschilds still not settled, Cea Bermudez's government fell.

The Rothschilds ended this Spanish government because it did not agree to their loan terms.

An agreement with Nathan and James Rothschild and a loan advance of 500,000 pounds to the Marquis of Miraflores paved the way to the establishment of the Quadruple Alliance that sealed British and French protection to the Spanish government, including military operations (April 1834).

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Also "Prince of Jerusalem" is level 16 in freemasonry, which the Rothschilds (and thus the Zionists) own:

So it's unsurprising they would create "King of Jerusalem" as a title to bestow, it's probably a very high post-level-33 freemasonry distinction.