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It is not flat. If it were flat, it would be the grandest conspiracy imaginable, with the most moving parts, the most people in on the conspiracy, the least amount of scientific diligence among the scientific community imaginable, it would regularly conflict with science that is used every day by millions of scientists in a really meaningful way. It's so unlikely we may as well say it is impossible.

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If it were flat and the north pole was at the center, airplanes would fly across the north pole constantly when flying to the other side of the world.

Also flying halfway across the earth east (Australia to Argentina) would take 2x as long in the southern hemisphere as going east in the northern hemisphere (America to Russia). But it doesn't.

So either ALL the thousands of airlines and pilots are rigging their flight times to keep up this ridiculous illusion that wouldn't matter anyway, or maybe the earth is a sphere like common sense would indicate.

Maybe all this flat earth talk is just psyops to keep people distracted and confused, and that's why the media is constantly focusing on it despite the fact it makes no sense at all. They are trying to indicate "There's a conversation to be had here" when there is none. It's tantamount to mass gaslighting.

"Our media campaign will be complete when everything the American public believes is false." - Director of the CIA, 1981