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Good read. Makes me wonder just how much influence they really have in the police... I've met low level Masons and they seem ok for the most part.

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Host of The Higherside Chats podcast, Greg Carlwood, used to have problems getting pulled over all the time. So he put a freemason sticker on his car as an experiment, and he stopped getting pulled over. I find that indicative of something at least.

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Telling - If True

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Yeah. If there's anything to this it happens in the upper levels. I know some lower level masons and they are nice regular folk. They say it's just a "good ol' boys club".

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Yeah exactly. The lower levels act as good PR for the upper levels. So they can say "It's a philanthropic organization" as they pursue their actual goal, which is to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem on Mt. Zion.

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I don't know how they have escaped negative press and maintain this good guy image when they've been essentially a whites only club. I guess blacks are somewhat allowed in some lodges these days, but still.

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/u/magnora7 A lot of the people in the British royal family are 32-33 degree masons and the British royal family is related to the Rothschilds by blood.

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the British royal family is related to the Rothschilds by blood.

Have a source on that one? I believe it, but I'd love to know the exact details.

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They've got to have a huge influence on the police and they probably are the police more or less in places like Utah, with tons of Mormons.

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Funny, I was literally just teaching someone this handshake last night. All their little special signals are so funny

Here's the nazi pope and Tony Blair doing it:

The key is to put the thumb on between the other person's first and second knuckle, and press with the thumb.