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There was a lot of effort to get rid of politicians and activists that were fighting for black rights back then and there has been an effort to create events related to the far right groups so this is a good reminder of both thing.

Malcom X talks about some of his ideals and how some members of the KKK and other far right groups were in fact Jewish agents.

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I think most of what he said is still valid and relevant today, especially about the Zionist and White Nationalist connections and crossover.

It's powerful to me when he says they want us to worry about 6 million dead but not focus on 100 million dead blacks. It's like most of American history can be read as a strategy to prevent black nationalism or black unity or black empowerment.

And fuck the Nation of Islam for killing their former ally who was clearly still on message, if that's what happened.

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The guy was pretty red pilled. At the end of his life he wasn't nearly as radical as he once was and his ideal became more or less spreading the truth because he thought we could only get out of the whole mess together.

Kind of like what we are doing here don't you think?

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Yeah I can see how that togetherness message is opposed to the Nation of Islam's separstist leanings and how it could piss them off.

Yes! Let's do that here and get to the bottom of things wherever they may lead. We are all in this together.