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You quite clearly mentioned butt plugs in THE POST THAT I REPLIED TO, you gaslighting faggot.

Exhibitionist? Never without an audience that wants it.

Yet, there you were, laying all out when i told you to stop so many times.

a liar, a narcissist. a faggot. all in one. Aren't you just wonderfull

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Just because I mentioned them doesn't mean I own any. They were Rachel's. I got gay with her. Clearly that's what you want to hear about, where as if you shut up about it all I'll just drift into your memory hole and you need not worry about me responding if there's nothing to respond to.

A liar? Not consciously. Narcissist? Hardly. I haven't had my photo taken in years (besides security cameras in stores). A faggot with Rachel? If you say so. Also, FYI, she, me, and my ex-wife Sandra had 3-somes in NYC. While they were bi with me, I hardly think a dude with 2 chicks is gay - but if you say so. To me that sounds just wonderful.

Again, nothing explicit has been stated. The details are in your own twisted minds.

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can't help yourself, can u.